Jurassic Park: a wink is hidden on this raptor

Do you know what the 4 letters that are reflected in series on this raptor correspond to at the end of Spielberg’s film? While “Jurassic Park” is available on Netflix, focus on this little hidden detail.

We are at the end of Jurassic Park. Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, and the children desperately try to escape the velociraptors in the main island complex, and are forced to climb scaffolding to escape the jaws of the monsters.

As they crawl through a false ceiling to reach an air duct, one of the critters raises its mouth in an attempt to spot them. It is at this moment that a strange combination of letters, probably projected through a grid, reflects on the raptor: A, C, G and T. Four letters that repeat in a loop and in random order on the scales of the dinosaur.

If you thought this code had no special meaning, know that nothing is ever left to chance in Jurassic Park. Indeed, the letters in question correspond to the words “adenine “,” cytosine “,” guanine “and” thymine “, which are the four essential compounds of DNA.

Knowing that the genetic question is obviously at the heart of Spielberg’s film, and that the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park were created thanks to the reconstruction of a strand of DNA that is several million years old, the wink takes all its meaning: the raptor that we can see on the screen – like all the creatures of the park – is ultimately only the product of these four elements.

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Jurassic park: a wink is hidden on this raptor

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