Jurassic Park: 5 incidents that almost went wrong on set

Back on the set of the famous film by Steven Spielberg, and on 5 misadventures that almost ended in disaster…

A T-Rex coming to life, a much too narrow hangar door or even a real storm… If Jurassic Park is considered today as a veritable monument of cinema, its conception and filming have not always been easy for Steven Spielberg and its teams.

A look back at 5 incidents or misadventures that gave the actors or technicians a hard time on the set of the famous feature film, and which sometimes almost turned into a disaster.

Much too big!

Jurassic Park 5 incidents that almost went wrong on set
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If everyone remembers perfectly the majestic sequence of the T-Rex, in the middle of the film, it is because the teams of Jurassic Park worked hard to make it unforgettable. Indeed, while the monster was made in computer graphics on most long shots, the greatest animatronic of all time was built by the legendary Stan Winston to bring the Tyrannosaurus to life in the closer shots.

The result ? A robot 11 meters long and 5.4 meters high. The problem ? The hangar the T-Rex was designed in just wasn’t big enough. Its ceiling height therefore had to be increased, and its door modified so that the monster could leave its lair once the work was finished.

He is alive !

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After successfully extricating the T-Rex from its hangar, the team Jurassic Park had to deal with another problem: the environment of the film set. Indeed, the famous sequence of the enclosure taking place in the middle of a storm, torrents of artificial rain were poured on the poor animatronic, whose texture was absolutely not planned for.

While the water absorbed by the dinosaur began to alter its weight, thus forcing the technicians to wipe it regularly, several short circuits also led to situations that were original to say the least, where the monster’s head began to move on its own. ! Enough to make the creature even more real than life for all those who were there.

Dilophosaurus venom

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The sequence during which Dennis Nedry is sprayed with venom by the dilophosaurus (before being eaten alive) was not a cakewalk for the interpreter of the computer scientist, the comedian Wayne Knight.

Indeed, even after the shooting, the goo that had been sprayed on his face had changed the color of his skin somewhat, giving it a purple tint. A real problem for the teams in the series Seinfeldin which the actor was filming in parallel, and who had to correct this little unexpected makeup.

In the middle of a storm

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Like the characters in the film, the teams of Jurassic Park had to face a real hurricane, which hit Hawaii at the time of filming. A large-scale natural disaster that paralyzed production for a while, forcing the team to review its schedule and the actors to take refuge in the hotel where they were staying.

The disaster will all the same have allowed the actors to create real links between them. As for Spielbergfiring on all cylinders, he took the opportunity to box the stormy sequences of the film.

Clawed by a raptor

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On his 9th birthday, the young Joseph Mazzello (interpreter of Tim in the film) was shooting the famous sequence of the raptors in the kitchen. As he did the same take for the umpteenth time, the wheeled dinosaur that was to serve as a landmark for the actors swung in the wrong direction, and its metal claw collided with the boy’s face, which collapsed to the ground.

A little stunned by the shock, but safe and sound, Mazeello quickly reassured Spielberg by declaring that he was fine. To comfort him, the team then decided that the moment was ideal for him to blow out his candles.

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