Jupiter's Legacy: What Is Netflix's New Superhero Series Worth?  - News Series on TV

Jupiter’s Legacy: What Is Netflix’s New Superhero Series Worth? – News Series on TV

We saw Jupiter’s Legacy, Netflix’s new superheroic series based on the Mark Millar comic book. So what is it worth?

What is it about ?

They are part of the first generation of superheroes, but as they pass the baton on to their children, the tension builds and the rules of yesteryear are forgotten.

Jupiter’s Legacy, by Steven S. DeKnight with Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb, Andrew Horton, Ben Daniels and Matt Lanter. Episodes viewed: 8/8

Who is it with?

Josh Duhamel makes a remarkable comeback thanks to Jupiter’s Legacy where he plays Utopian, the leader of the union of superheroes. With his cape and graying hair, the actor does not hesitate to make up. Just like Leslie Bibb and Ben Daniels who play young and old versions of their character.

Well worth a look ?

Three years ago, Netflix announced the takeover of MillarWorld, the comic book publishing company created by Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Kingsman …). This is the time it took for the teams to release a first adaptation of the comics. With Jupiter’s Legacy, the American giant must strike hard and set the tone.

But the bet is risky, as the audiovisual landscape is loaded with “super-heroic” productions. Jupiter’s Legacy stands out for the original subject it addresses. She wears a dark, defeatist look on the superheroic figure. What place should it play in our society? Does she have the right to kill to protect society? Should it be politicized? Should his customs change according to the time?

Jupiter’s Legacy is placed at human height by creating a parallel with our current society. The notion of inheritance is also at the heart of his story: the new generation does not see things the same way as the previous one, they adapt and wish to have a different moral code: violence is so deeply rooted in our society that ‘you have to go so far as to kill in order to defend yourself.

If this basic subject is interesting, its execution leaves much to be desired. The series is split into two story arcs throughout the season, mixing past and present. We are first in 1929, during the famous stock market crash.

Sheldon Sampson (Josh Duhamel) sees the family business go bankrupt and witnesses his father’s suicide. Shortly after these events, he received visions indicating the coordinates of a place. He goes there, accompanied by five people, including his brother (Ben Daniels) and his best friend (Matt Lanter).

Steve Wilkie / Netflix

This storyline, conceived as an origin story, allows us to understand how and why these superheroes were born. The second narrative arc teaches us that their youthful ideals have collapsed in the face of the evils of our society.

The series also suffers from major visual flaws, from the sometimes laughable aging to perfectly assumed kitsch costumes reminiscent of The Boys (we will pass on the Klingon look of the villainous BlackStar). But it also disappoints at the level of the action scenes.

Much was expected of Steven S. DeKnight, already at work on Daredevil. The Marvel series was full of quality fights, sometimes filmed in sequence. Here, it will be necessary to be satisfied with green funds and quick cuts, not allowing to fully appreciate the action.

To sum up, Season 1 of Jupiter’s Legacy is a very uneven production that has potential. It will still be necessary to push until halfway through the season to finally understand the issues and the relationships between the characters.

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