Jungle Cruise 2: Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt officially back

We take the same and start again ! A success at the American box office, Jungle Cruise will be entitled to a new sequel worn by Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt.

A few weeks ago, Dwayne Johnson revealed on Twitter that he was going to have a meeting with Disney to discuss a possible sequel to Jungle Cruise. A meeting that must have gone well since The Hollywood Reporter today announces the start of a second film.

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt will resume the roles they played in the first episode (still showing in some French cinemas): those of rogue captain Frank Wolff and intrepid doctor Lily Houghton.

We do not yet know anything about the plot of this sequel, except that it will be written by Michael Green who had participated in the scenario of the first part. Director Jaume Collet-Serra is also expected to be back, as are producers John Davis, John Fox, Beau Flynn, Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia.

The officialization of this Jungle Cruise 2 comes as Jungle Cruise has just passed the symbolic bar of $ 100 million in revenue at the American box office, even though the film was released simultaneously on Disney +.

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Jungle cruise 2: dwayne johnson and emily blunt officially back

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