June 2 releases: Les Séminaristes et Nobody best films of the week

To help you make your choices, here are the 3 best rated films of the week by the press and viewers on AlloCiné! *


1st: The Seminarians – 3.8 / 5

“The power of this short and sharp film lies in the evocation of the active collaboration of part of the clergy and in its way of accompanying the hero, seized by guilt and religious doubt.” By Xavier Leherpeur (Le Nouvel Observer)

“Despite the search for visual expressiveness, an illustrious aspect remains, simply clouded by the shortcomings of the narrative. The protagonists are less akin to characters than to figures, and the moral dilemmas that run through them remain abstract.” By Olivia Cooper-Hadjian (Cahiers du Cinéma)

2nd: Little mother – 3.7 / 5

“Through the themes of the double, childhood and motherhood, the director continues her exploration of female identity. With great grace.” By Frédéric Strauss (Télérama)

“After the portrait fire, the heartbreaking sweetness of a tale. A deceptively minor film that confirms Céline Sciamma’s essential and powerful gaze.” By Renan Cros (CinemaTeaser)

3rd: Playlist – 3.6 / 5

“Playlist breathes life, as much as a Nana Mouskouri track or an Electrelane album: with softness and freedom, with strength and love.” By Pierre Charpilloz (Bande à part)

“The illustrator operates a successful transplant of her feminist comic book universe into a comedy about amorous and professional wandering.” By Bruno Deruisseau (Les Inrockuptibles)


1st: Nobody – 3.8 / 5

“Six years after the original ‘Hardcore Henry’, Ilya Naishuller is back with a film that is more classic in its form, but even more enjoyable to watch.” By AM11

“A perfect mix between Jack Reacher and John Wick and you get Nobody !! Thanks again for this artwork guys.” By LUC.H

2nd: Men – 3.4 / 5

“What is interesting in the evocation of these two men who lived the Algerian war, it is the way in which the subject is approached between the unspoken and the brutal reality lived by the characters of the film.” By Coric Bernard

“A poignant and useful work showing that a small spark can rekindle demons of the past.” By mat niro

3rd: Billie Holiday, a matter of state – 3.2 / 5

“A poignant and powerfully directed film around the injustice and the harassment of the forgotten state suffered by one of the greatest artists of the past century. A must see.” By leptitju

“Carried by an Andra Day totally invested in her character, fans of the great singer can only rejoice and those who did not know her want to discover her more …” By elriad

* According to the notes of the AlloCiné barometer, as of Friday, May 28, 2021, for films released on May 26 with at least 10 reviews for the top press and 50 ratings for the top viewers. These two tops do not include the springs.

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