Julie (in 12 chapters), Titane, Drive My Car… the best films of Cannes 2021 on CANAL+…

Julie (in 12 chapters), titane, drive my car… the best films of cannes 2021 on canal+...

The Cannes Film Festival 2022 is finally launched! On this occasion, CANAL+ is rolling out the red carpet at the 74th edition of the event with a star-studded program. From the Palme d’Or to the Best Actress Award: 9 films that lit up the Croisette in 2021.


How not to pay tribute to the 74th Cannes Film Festival without offering the public the chance to rediscover Titanium. Palme d’or of the 2021 edition, this film was born from the imagination of Julia DucournauFrench director revealed in particular by the radical Severe. In this new feature film, the filmmaker follows the journey of Alexia, a thirty-year-old living with a titanium implant in her head and having murderous impulses.

A true experience that provokes and shakes up all our senses and our vision of things, Titanium succeeds in crossing all the barriers of normality with beauty. All carried by a duo of actors at the top: Agathe Rousselle in the title role, and Vincent Lindon in that of Vincent, the man with whom the heroine will create an extraordinary relationship.

Titanium is available on myCANAL.


Signed adaptation Ryūsuke Hamaguchi an excerpt from Haruki Murakami’s collection, Men Without Women, Drive my Car won the screenplay prize when it was presented at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, before winning the Oscar for best international film in March 2022.

This sublime and poetic fable stages Hidetoshi Nishijima and Toko Miura. He embodies an actor and director rising Uncle Vania in a festival in Hiroshima, she plays Misaki, the driver who will drive him throughout his many journeys. Over the course of the races, the sincerity of their exchanges will develop and confront them each with their past dramas.

Drive my car is available on myCANAL.


Last movie of Francois Ozon before Peter von Kant presented at the opening of the Berlinale 2022, Everything went well is adapted from the autobiographical account ofEmmanuele Bernheim. She tells how her father asked her to help him die. On the screen it is Sophie Marceau who lends him his features.

Facing her, Andre Dussolier is André, 85, hospitalized with a stroke. Now dependent on others and imprisoned in a diminished body, this man who passionately loved life no longer wants to exist in it. A moving and delicate approach to the thorny subject of euthanasia.

Everything went well is available on myCANAL.


Concluding the Oslo trilogy, after New Deal and Oslo, August 31, Julie (in 12 chapters) allowed its lead actress Renate Reinsve to receive the prize for female interpretation at the Cannes Film Festival 2021. In front of the camera of Joachim Trierthe actress is Julie, a young photographer whose romantic destiny we follow through significant segments of her life.

Between her doubts and her questions, her loves of a day and always, her family and her anxieties in the face of passing time, Julie takes us with her on a brilliant odyssey from which we come out with a smile and tears in our eyes. ‘eye. An ode to life, to be seen again and again.

Julie (in 12 chapters) is available from May 26 on myCANAL.


German-Estonian-Russian-Finnish film directed by Juho Kuosmanen According to the eponymous novel by Rosa Liksom, Compartment n°6 paints the portrait of Laura, a Finnish student dreaming of seeing petroglyphs within an archaeological site located in the Arctic Sea.

[Notation entityid=”292216″]As she embarks [/Notation]

aboard a sleeper train for long days, she is forced to share her compartment with Ljoha, an unknown Russian. If the cohabitation seems to them very complicated at the beginning, these two beings that everything opposes in appearance will finally get closer during improbable encounters and luminous moments.

Compartment n°6 is available from May 27 on myCANAL.

All the other films from the Cannes 2021 cycle available on myCANAL:

Flag Day – from May 18

The divide – from May 24

Fast & Furious 9 – from May 25

Aline – from May 27

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