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From her beginnings in “Julie Lescaut” to the creation of the series “You women”, discover three little-known things about Judith Siboni, who died on Tuesday March 30 of cancer at the age of 46.


She had co-created a series with her best friend

One day, Judith Siboni and her best friend Olivia Côte shot a tape of sketches that they deposited at Calt Productions, who called them back to make a short program (2 minutes) for the Téva channel. This will become Vous les femmes, a comedy show that will last 5 seasons and some episodes are now available on the platform Salto.

Knowing each other since college, the two actresses will go further and further in the show, forever “to surprise yourself” each other. When Côte will be hired in Skam to play the nurse of the bahut, it will not be long before we see her friend Judith appear in the small role of a math teacher, a scene of which you can find below:

She had given the reply to Dany Boon


Judith Siboni in “Supercondriaque” (2014)

In 2014, Supercondriaque came out, in which Dany Boon played Romain Faubert, a celibate forty-something whose hypochondria prevents him from living. To finally find the rare pearl who would agree to share his life, Faubert will among other things register on a dating site. It was on this occasion that he met Daphné (Judith Siboni).

Faubert pretended to be a 29-year-old triathlete on the site, and Daphné quickly understood that she had nothing to do with this date with a liar. She leaves the bar without asking for her rest and our hero questions himself “after this humiliation” and close his account.

She started in “Julie Lescaut”


Judith Siboni in “Julie Lescaut”

Actors and actresses careers often start with tiny figures or roles. This was the case for Judith Siboni, whose first screen appearance was in Julie Lescaut (S08E02, 1999) in which she played the receptionist of a large company.

Equipped with a single replica: “Ah listen I’m sorry, I don’t know if he will be able to receive you”, she only has a three-quarter back. You often have to go through this before you can burst the screen.

The first credits of Julie Lescaut:

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