Judged without justice on France 2: a strong TV movie about online hate

Judged without justice on France 2: Tonight at 9:05 p.m., France 2 is devoting a thematic evening to this subject with a TV movie worn by Yannick Choirat and Ophélia Kolb. The story of a man with no stories, victim of a legal error which will throw him in the people’s court.

Judged without justice on france 2
Jean-François BAUMARD – FTV

What is it about?

Gustavo, the “perfect” husband and father of a family, was to live his professional hour of glory that day. But this long-awaited day turns into a nightmare: he is placed in police custody for attempted kidnapping of a minor and intentional homicide. Is Gustavo guilty? Claire, the alleged victim, posts her story on social media. Gustavo and his family enter the spiral of popular retribution. Is it possible to get out of it and in what state? Justice clashes with the court of opinion and rumor …

Judged without justice, Monday, October 11 at 9:05 p.m. on France 2

Who is it with?

Freely adapted from the novel Is this how men judge? by Mathieu Ménégaux whose screenplay he co-wrote, the TV movie is written and directed by Lou Jeunet (Curiosa) and stars Yannick Choirat (Laëtitia) and Ophelia Kolb (Ten percent) in the role of a couple persecuted by the courts, facing Emmanuel Salinger (I promise you), Anne Benoit (Lupine) and the young Justine Lacroix (That’s love) and Mathieu Capella (revealed in Deux Fils).

Well worth a look?

Societal drama, Judged Without Justice deciphers the hell of the judicial machine when it tries to prove the guilt of a man victim of bad circumstances when his car turns out to be similar to that of a man who has mown the father of Claire (Justine Lacroix), a teenage girl he was trying to kidnap in a supermarket parking lot three years earlier.

When justice persists

Blunt police intrusion into his home, psychological abuse to push him to confess: Commander Delfis (Emmanuel Salinger) redoubles his perversity towards Gustavo (Yann Choirat), driven by the intimate conviction of his guilt when the teenager thinks he recognizes in him the murderer of his father.

From the outset, the unitary insists on the deviant practices of the police to bend Gustavo, to the detriment of the non-existent evidence against him and the consequences of his arrest on those around him. Because if the commissioner is determined to do justice to Claire, now an orphan, his methods and his excess of zeal go beyond the simple exercise of the law. But while justice seems to be giving the accused a moment’s respite for lack of evidence, Gustavo’s identity leaks on the internet and everything changes.

Judged without justice on france 2 Jean-François BAUMARD – FTV
Ophélia Kolb and Mathieu Capella

Virtual hate

This is where the unit loses in intensity after a nervous first part on the infernal gear closing on the hero victim of a miscarriage of justice, and a very critical tone towards the police. When social networks get involved, everything accelerates: Gustavo’s family finds itself harassed, her employers fear the repercussions for their image and demand her dismissal … And the public wants to do justice to Claire by all means. possible means, to the point of compromising the investigation.

Effective in its narration, the purpose of the TV movie gets lost at that time in an overly simplistic analysis of the cancel culture, reducing the young victim to a materialistic teenager devoid of discernment, ready to throw an innocent man as food in the public square. The place of the media treatment of the investigation proves too quickly dispatched, not giving the full measure of the hell that the characters go through and the implacable mechanics of the virality of the comments on the web.

Although the film’s bittersweet conclusion saves it all, and despite a cast without any wrong notes, we are still unsure how to approach this contemporary theme of online hate yet rich in complexity, such as if the subject had only been touched on at the end of these 1h30.

Following the telefilm in the second part of the evening, France 2 broadcasts a documentary entitled “The networks of anger”, which explores the responsibility of social networks in the growing development of hateful behavior on the Internet; the opportunity to take the reflection on the subject a little further.

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