Judged Guilty on France 3: Will Ninon one day return in Plus belle la vie? Aurélie Vaneck responds

Judged guilty on france 3: will ninon one day return in plus belle la vie? Aurélie vaneck responds

Currently showing “Jugée Coupable”, Aurélie Vaneck, who played Ninon Chaumette for nearly 10 years, talks about a possible return to “Plus belle la vie”.

For nearly 10 years, Aurélie Vaneck played Ninon Chaumette in the France 3 soap opera Plus belle la vie. After a remarkable comeback in 2019 on the occasion of a scriptwriting arch around sexual assault in schools, fans of the series are entitled to wonder if the actress will one day return permanently.

Currently on the poster of Jugée culable, Aurélie Vaneck has answered this question which is on everyone’s lips. And unfortunately, a return is not planned at the moment. “I left a bit abruptly because we had started to develop a spin-off, Une Vie en Nord“, she explains.

We had made a first episode in Lille which had gone well and then finally the adventure did not continue. So I was out of Plus Belle la Vie but the writers still wanted to make me come back at one point or another.

A year and a half ago, I was offered this ark which lasted a short month on a very strong subject of harassment. It made me happy to come back in this context with a strong plot.

If the actress said goodbye to Plus belle la vie, she does not really close the door to a new return to the series. “Of course you never know what life has in store for us but I have already had 10 years of Plus belle la vie. I am happy to be able to experiment with other roles. But do you ever know …

The actress, who recently played in Léo Matteï, also returned to her experience in the daily newspaper of France 3, which was also her first role on television. “It was an amazing school. When I arrived on the set of Plus belle la vie, I had just left school.

I was on the show for ten years, and I did over two thousand episodes. I had to quickly integrate the vocabulary of the trade in order to know what we were talking about, I had to learn to be extremely efficient because, on the set of a daily newspaper, time is very important. It was an incredible training for a young actress.

Moreover, Garance Thenault, to whom Aurélie Vaneck gives the reply in Jugée Coupable, also began her career in Plus belle la vie. The two young women unfortunately did not cross paths, Garance having joined the series in season 12 after Aurélie left.

Find Jugée Coupable every Tuesday evening from 9:05 p.m. on France 3.

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