Judged Guilty on France 3: which English series inspired the summer saga?

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Last Tuesday, France 3 launched with great fanfare “Jugée Coupable” its new summer saga, which allowed the channel to reconnect with this serial genre straight from the 2000s. Which series have served as inspiration to the screenwriter?

Last Tuesday, France 3 launched Jugée Coupable, its new summer saga written by Franck Ollivier. If the series is unsurprisingly in line with summer programs like Dolmen or Zodiaque (Franck Ollivier having also scripted the latter), whose intrigues are littered with murders, betrayals, lies and family secrets, the screenwriter had other fictions in mind while writing.

It is on the side of the Anglo-Saxon detective series that he went to draw his inspirations, in particular Broadchurch, which he cites as muse. This English fiction with David Tennant and Olivia Colman taking place in a small coastal town which will find itself in the spotlight after the death of a little boy has therefore strongly influenced the screenwriter.

An inspiration that also had an impact on the sets of the series. The producers have indeed chosen to shoot the series in Brittany, the hilly and wild landscape of the region making them think of the coasts of Great Britain.

If the English series served as the main source of inspiration for Franck Ollivier, the screenwriter confided that Scandinavian fictions, a clever mix between thriller and romantic drama, have also made it possible to create the Jugée Coupable scenario.

And it is probably this mixture of genres that convinced viewers and the press since the series managed, on its first night of broadcast, to be the leader of audiences with more than 3 million viewers in front of their screens.

As a reminder, Judge Guilty is a 6-part series that follows Lola Morand, a 25-year-old young woman, who will discover that her biological mother would have been murdered 25 years earlier. She will then embark on her own investigation in order to finally lift the veil on the circumstances of her death.

The series, which is broadcast every Tuesday evening from 9:05 p.m. on France 3, is already available in preview on Salto.

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