Judged Guilty on France 3: where was the series shot?

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Every Tuesday evening, France 3 broadcasts “Jugée Coupable”, its new summer saga. Did you know that the series was shot in Brittany?

France 3 launches this Tuesday evening at 9:05 pm Jugée Coupable, its new summer saga written by Franck Ollivier. The series follows Lola Morand, a young woman of 25, who, during an interview in a small town in Brittany, discovers that she is in reality the hidden daughter of Manon Jouve, murdered 25 years earlier. She then decides to conduct the investigation to finally find her mother’s killer.

With its breathtaking sets, a question arises: where was the series filmed? Unlike many summer sagas, which were filmed in the south of France, the production and the screenwriter chose to set the action of Jugée Coupable in a small town in Brittany. It is between Vannes, Quiberon, La Trinité-sur-Mer, Carnac and Auray that the film crews set down their suitcases.

The choice of Brittany was not by chance. Richard Berkowitz, producer of the series, said he was looking for a visually strong arena for Judge Guilty. “Brittany has imposed itself because it is hilly and wild. From the scouting, it was obvious. We quickly found surprising settings.

The shooting took place from September to the end of December, and we only had 3 days of rain. It was truly fabulous conditions. And in each setting, we found a soul as if the text had been made to be shot there and nowhere else.

Brittany also corresponded to the idea that the producers and Franck Ollivier, the screenwriter, had of Jugée Coupable. Indeed, they wanted to recreate Anglo-Saxon settings à la Broadchurch with cliffs and the sea. They therefore found their happiness on the Breton coast.

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