Judged Guilty on France 3: is a season 2 possible?

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The first season of “Jugée Coupable”, the new summer saga of France 3 with Garance Thenault, ends tonight on the channel. Is a season 2 possible?

After 3 weeks of broadcasting, Jugée Coupable will bow out this evening on France 3 at the end of two episodes rich in emotion which will finally lift the veil on what really happened to Manon Jouve (Garance Thenault).

If the investigation of Lola Morand and Captain Clément Neuville (Pierre-Yves Bon) is completed, viewers are entitled to wonder if the detective series could return for a season 2.

Unfortunately for fans, the chances of Judge Guilty returning for another round of episodes are very slim. Indeed, from its launch, this summer saga was presented as a mini-series consisting of only 6 episodes.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the chain closes the door on a sequel. We still remember Zodiaque, a series also written by Franck Ollivier, who had the right to his sequel entitled The Master of the Zodiac.

It must be said that Judged Guilty managed to bring together no less than 3 million viewers during its first two evenings of broadcast. Completely honorable scores for the channel which could therefore perhaps next year decide to repeat the experience with a new story.

If you missed the Jugée Coupable episodes, you can find the entire series on Salto.

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