Joséphine, guardian angel: a 100th episode not to be missed with Michèle Bernier and Isabelle …

This evening, TF1 is celebrating the 100th anniversary of “Joséphine, ange garde” with an exceptional episode which marks the reunion of Mimie Mathy with Michèle Bernier and Isabelle de Botton, with whom she formed the comic trio “Les filles” in the 80s.

Philippe Warrin / DEMD / TF1

After welcoming Victoria Abril for an episode broadcast last September, Joséphine, guardian angel is back tonight on TF1 to celebrate an exceptional birthday: the broadcast of her 100th episode. An important milestone, after 24 years on the air, on the occasion of which the production has put the dishes in the big ones by orchestrating the reunion of Mimie Mathy with her friends Michèle Bernier and Isabelle de Botton.

What to make of this episode, directed by Christophe Barraud and entitled “My granddaughter, my battle”, a real event for the faithful of the successful series, as well as for the fans of Mimie Mathy.

The trio “Les Filles” is finally reforming

Formed in the 1980s thanks to the Petit Théâtre de Bouvard, the comic trio “Les Filles” enjoyed success from 1896 to 1993 with shows Available in three sizes and The Big Airplane. And if each then embarks on a solo career, Mimie Mathy, Michèle Bernier, and Isabelle de Botton have never lost the link that unites them since they have already found themselves on the screen in 2004 and 2011 in the TV films A three is better and Three girls on the run.

Ten years after their last reunion, they do it again for the 100th anniversary of Joséphine, guardian angel, in which Michèle Bernier and Isabelle de Botton play two former best friends who tear each other apart.

It all started when 15-year-old Emma (Maïté Bufala) was handed over against her will to her grandparents Sophie (Michèle Bernier) and Etienne (Pierre Deny) for the holidays. Since the death of her mother three years earlier in a climbing accident, the turbulent teenager has multiplied the slippages and brought her father through hell, completely overwhelmed.

Joséphine’s mission is therefore to help Emma mourn her mother’s loss, reconnect with her father, and make those around her accept her passion for rock climbing inherited from her mother. But the unexpected arrival of Christine (Isabelle de Botton), Emma’s other grandmother, determined to keep an eye on her granddaughter, will considerably complicate things for our guardian angel.

Because Sophie and Christine, once best friends, no longer get along at all and their confrontation will quickly turn into a grandmother’s war. It will take all of Joséphine’s talent to reconcile the two grannies and make them powerful allies to save Emma!

Philippe Warrin / DEMD / TF1

Two actors from Tomorrow belongs to us in the cast

Alongside Mimie Mathy, Michèle Bernier, and Isabelle de Botton, TF1 viewers will therefore find the young Maïté Bufala, but also Aurélien Chaussade (L’Amour flou) in the role of Emma’s father, and two actors that the fans of Tomorrow belongs to us know well.

Pierre Deny, first of all, alias Renaud Dumaze in the successful daily soap opera of the front page, which plays here the husband of the character played by Michèle Bernier. And Maxime Lélue, who has been playing Jordan Roussel for several months now in Tomorrow belongs to us, and who plays in this episode of Joséphine, guardian angel Quentin, who does not leave Emma insensitive and will also try to help her by being there for her .

A nice cast for a very pleasant anniversary episode to follow, which obviously enjoys the reunion of the “Girls” through some funny dialogues and sequences. The faithful of the series will be delighted.

This episode of Joséphine, guardian angel, as well as the one that will be offered next Monday, with Jean-Luc Reichmann as guest, are already available in preview on Salto.

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