Jorge Vilda: “I have 23 Ballon d’Ors in the team” | Women’s Soccer World Cup 2023

Irene Guerrero hugged Cata Coll this Saturday in Auckland, after beating Switzerland.
Irene Guerrero hugged Cata Coll this Saturday in Auckland, after beating Switzerland.BRETT PHIBBS (EFE)

In a key game, the one that went to the quarterfinals of the World Cup, Jorge Vilda made a revolution: five changes in the starting eleven compared to the last game and six if one takes into account that Jenni Hermoso stopped being false nine to play indoors. It worked out wonderfully because Spain accumulated 70% of the possession —the highest percentage in a qualifying game in the last four editions of the World Cup— thanks to the precision in the pass, as they executed 671 and 606 hit them well (90, 3%). Not only that, but he shot 25 times, nine of them between goal, five on net, while conceding only two shots, also the fewest in the last four World Cups. “We have been good, the compensatory structure has worked to defend, we have surrendered from set pieces, circulated well, won the second plays… I am happy with the two phases”, the coach Jorge Vilda resolved with pride; “But the credit belongs to my players, the ones who dispute each ball, each pass, each goal.”



Gaelle Thalmann, Julia Stierli, Nadine Riesen, Eseosa Aigbogun, Noelle Maritz, Geraldine Reuteler, Lia Welti, Coumba Sow, Ana-Maria Crnogorcevic, Seraina Piubel and Ramona Bachmann



Cata Coll, Oihane Hernández, Ona Batlle, Irene Paredes, Laia Codina, Teresa Abelleira, Aitana Bonmatí, Jenni Hermoso, Salma Paralluelo, Alba Redondo and Esther González

goals 0-1 min. 4: Aitana Bonmatí. 1-1 min. 11: Laia Codina (pp). 1-2 minutes 17: Round Dawn. 1-3 min. 35: Aitana Bonmatí. 1-4 min. 44: Laia Codina. 1-5 min. 70: Jenni Hermoso.

Referee Cheryl Foster

Yellow cards Julia Stierli (min. 73)

It happens that the team reached the tie after Japan’s club, which endorsed four goals. “There was contained rage because that game left us a bit touched, but we have managed to recover,” Esther explained. “The team had to show its face and it has done so”, added Athenea. “It’s that that game hurt us,” continued the coach; “and that wound healed, and that scar will last, it will not disappear. But after analyzing what we could improve and do, we trained him and chose the 11 that we thought were ideal for the match”. Although he shook the eleven beautifully. “I don’t know if there was justification for so much change. It has been surprising and especially that of the goalkeeper. But the result shows that he was right and they have shown to be excellent players”, the Swiss coach, Inka Grings, conceded with resignation. Vilda picked up the baton, happy because all the players except goalkeeper Enith Salón have now been able to participate during the World Cup: “It has been shown that this is a team of 23 players. I have the 23 best in the world, 23 Ballon d’Ors”. This is how Esther saw it: “Everyone can play here. The changes are due to characteristics, due to small details”. Although she was surprised that Cata Coll left the game instead of Misa, the starter so far.

The news was given to him in the locker room, just when he read the lineup. “I have seen it and I have said, host… And nothing, to play. Although I have been a little nervous, but when I put on my boots, which are like work overalls, they have gone, “said Coll, who called his father – at 05:00 in Spain – when he heard the news because he did not know I expected her. “That we are 23 are not only words, but are facts,” added Vilda; “Cata has proven international background and experience. And with her character, she has gone out and played a good game”. Although Laia Codina scored her own goal, a pass that turned into a shot. “I almost killed him,” Coll joked. “There I had to make a clean slate. This is football and life, they put a stick in you and you get up, there is no better representation than this”, replied Codina, who later scored in the other goal and took several jokes for having been a big scorer…; “I celebrated the goal with rage because I felt bad for the team. I have seen the opportunity and that had to enter with the foot, with the head or with whatever it was ”. Although Spain made another four and passed the round.

“We had never been to the quarterfinals of a World Cup,” Esther recalled. “This is a dream because the round match has come out,” Alba Redondo added, showing off her spark by indicating that she had already given the headline for the press. “Victory unites more and gives confidence. But I think that a mature team has been seen, so now, whatever comes, we want to make history”, added Codina. “I was confident that we were going to go through how I saw the players. But if we want to be in the semifinals, we have to improve”, warned Vilda; “You have to work and go for it.” It will be in a week against the winner of the Netherlands-South Africa.

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