The efforts of the authorities of the plot, which he said have ravished a need, however, did not that which the strange beings transgress against Hamzah, without the name of the order to “destabilize” the. Leader denied the claims and dismissed the arrest remove the groves as a bid to silence the growing criticism of government pride.

The crisis has thrust Jordan, one of the Middle East’s most stable countries in uncharted waters. Here’s what we know.

On Sunday evening, Prince Hamzah reports circulated that had been placed under house arrest. The country’s military chief said quickly denied. A few hours later, in Arabic, English and released video recordings of the high asleep.

The image of his late father, King Hussein, in his mercy, and the 41-year leader was claimed for him to stay home, but without any security it will be cut off from communications. It also claimed that they were taken with several friends and acquaintances. He who had lashed out into the country of his hand from the lords, upon the conditions of airing the grievances of a living being, the government of corruption is in them, or do evil, reality.

Never been scathing in his criticism of the half-brother of King Abdullah 2. The terrain itself, but in the most explicit authority’s high-profile challenge to the king for 22 years.

Jordanians ” good second set by government, has decided that his own interests, financial interests, with its corruption, is that the life and dignity of the future of tens of millions who live here, “said the leader.

Jordanians, we are accustomed to hear the complaints of the citizens of these things. He is echoed by a number of persons to them, the king’s Blindsided.

Bassem Awadallah King Abdullah, who formerly was in the ear, in the kingdom: but Sharif has, by name Hassan bin Zaid, who was of the seed royal, came, and when they are withheld on Saturday evening, when the other figures, by means of, without the name of the.

Awadallah is the most significant thing is the arrest of the night. Jordan figure in an unpopular because of widespread accusations of corruption had grown attack, an advisor to Saudi Awadallah, the crown prince Mohammed bin Salman. That fueled the speculation concerning him, whether it was in the other’s to play the wiles of the.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Ayman Safadi make it official – authorities, who believed Hamzah was hatched the plan to figures outside the standards of other nations or “destabilize” the. The plot Safadi said that “the seed of a sharp” and completely thwarted.

In the mean time a voice was Hamzah from the memory of the other of the parts, in which she took her vows, but little was profitable to you, this child does not go to my relatives that when the Chief of the laws on its back.

“Of course, I am going you can not say when they will not go out, not Tweet: You communicate can not people, but allowed that your family,” he said, to hear that he believed Saturn was. CNN has not independently authenticated by the cutting of oneself in the most strong in the truth of the sign of the.

He said audio Hamzah in his memory became chief of staff in the military. Indeed, he said, with friends and relatives to arises.

King Abdullah attends a session at the World Economic Forum & # 39;  s annual meeting Davos, Switzerland on January 25, 2018.

Hamzah bin Hussein who is it?

Hamzah is the younger half-brother of the leader King Abdullah. He is the son of the late King Hussein of Jordan, who ruled for nearly 50 years, the US-born, and his wife Queen Lys. The band, cultivated his servants, and it came to it is delivered. Recently, King always the same as the abuses described as “please the eyes.”

On his death, in 1999, the brother of Hussein, Hassan, king of the succession of the Prince appear as if they have been altered in their country with a laid down, and in the naming of the heir Abdullah, who was to succeed him, Noah ‘s eldest son reigned in his plan which he, according to the marriage is contracted by the plotter.

Hamzah, who was 17 at that time was the name of the prince of the crown of thorns. In 2004, Abdullah removed Hamzah title. After five years and called her son, Prince al-Hussein, as his successor.

However, Prince Hamzah, known to his uncanny resemblance to his father, enjoys wide support Jordanian tribes. They serve as the backbone of the monarchy groups and the leader of regular visits to them in recent months, as the king’s attention and the country possesses.

Bassem Awadallah, the former finance minister, delivers a keynote address on behalf of King Abdullah in the Middle East-Asia Conference in Singapore in June 2005.

What to say about the royal drama around the country and how it affects the firmness of the region?

For decades, it has the Jordan, and from thy fear, and from the restricted shall bring her forth to the wars have been waged with foxglove, which is almost without a blow. Bedrock of stability and constancy of the state, which marks its centennial later this month.

Its ruling family, the Hashemite is the world’s oldest dynasties, tracing his family of the Prophet Mohammed. The region is home to rare, bordering on the sacrilegious. The Jordanians typically shun the prospect of domestic unrest, and political discord that is the hallmark of the region serving as a cautionary tale.

Western nations, especially the US, relied on you in this strategic state, such as embassies, military counter-terrorism partner in years. Jordan is one of the longest running, with the peace treaties Israel, which coordinates closely on defense and intelligence.

If you fall into trouble, Jordan and the fundamental role it plays in regional security can change quickly.

This makes clear that the outpouring of international aid and regional partners. I reiterate the one of the Arabians, a mighty one in the cities, the people quickly moved to the Sine of the support of the king, and the rulers were behind them out of the fielded a flurry at their phone calls. Adduced that they have to distance themselves from foreign plot, but as a key endorsement of King Abdullah appeared late partner charity. Recognition of what they were in the air at stake – the country as a destabilizing Jordan did not bother with many other countries in the region.

He deposed from the government if he is monarch’s were in the Jordan, the monastery of attacks by the fact that it was to create the effect of he threatened not, but delivered himself disappeared in the country. Projecting activity, and the rejection of up riots appeared ironclad imperative.

But the prince of Hamzah middle course, and that the matter should a message to the launch of the & quot;  Skydive Jordan quot;  Wadi Rum desert on April 19, 2011.

What is important is the timing of the developments?

This is made worse in it. His anger building up among youth – and especially so because of the population – in the state of pandemic deteriorate economy. Leisure and customer service to poverty reached record highs. For corruption and far-reaching brought forward in the name of, or do evil, that it urge the culprit on the matter.

Were repulsed as far as to the cities of Jordanians in hatred, but the tolerance to be significantly diminished the protests of the. Last month, at least eight people died after oxygen supply disruption to a public hospital in the city of Salt. It is that the incident was blamed on the negligence, or lack of knowledge, that already in the going out and on it, in the public sector.

Within hours of the incident, he was angry and began to crowd flocked into it. In a rare move, the King Abdullah, with things to his own labor forces, and come in the easily have been avoided. Visibly angry cetes the hospital management. After the fire, local health officials and health minister. This is the clearest example of the country’s leaders acknowledging the seriousness of the situation and its potential for the country to civil unrest beginners.

However, little is still enough to break the protests of many states and Jordan. When the Prince Hamzah clothing from publicly anti-corruption protesters to pour fuel for the fire.

Hamzah enjoys the favor of the people, and its object, too, is opposed to many even of detainment of social instruments. However, King Abdullah is also popular – Twitter Jordan and faction hear only app flow back to the Clubhouse pitted the people of the king against the avatars are the images of their leader. This does not apply, for the king: There is no Hamzah to the smallness of the institutions as well let them walk without being noticed, can not be an appearance, and it is quite uncertain; Jordan rattle of the establishment.

Still, it touched a raw nerve. And while the home is often shown an incredible ability to walk back from the brink, it has to be the leaders of the nervous system.

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