The saga began over the weekend when authorities detained about 15 people Jordan, a high-profile political left between the circumference two hands and one of the royal family. A popular former crown prince, Hamzah bin Al Hussein, of Jordan publicly criticized for their leaders sent to see the media and officially banned political activities.

A leader who is the half-brother of King Abdullah, claimed to have been under effective house arrest.

The efforts of the authorities of the plot, which he said have ravished a need, however, did not that which the strange beings transgress against Hamzah, without the name of the order to “destabilize” the. Leader denied the claims and dismissed the arrest remove the groves as a bid to silence the growing criticism of government pride.

On Tuesday the government would impose a joke Jordan in the case where Hamzah circuit.

“To protect the privacy investigations that security apparatuses have done, which is connected to His Royal Highness the Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein and others become public and has nothing to do (with) is not applicable to this stage in the investigation,” the state-owned Jordan news agency , citing the general prosecutor Hassan al-Abdalat.

The video images related to the case also banned the report added.

On Monday night, King Abdullah sent his uncle, Prince Hassan bin Talal, who also served as crown prince for over 30 years, is “intermediate” in the dispute with the 41-year-old Prince Hamzah.

Then the leader Hamzah signed a letter of allegiance to the king of such attempts appear to put an end to the uncertainty killed since the crisis in the country.

Since the weekend, the tools of the fluid to be heated discussions pitted against people treated with the avatars are the images of their leader. Hamzah enjoys the favor of the people, and many openly opposed his alleged detainment.

King Abdullah (50) LONGINA the crown-Prince Hamzah in the imagination of Ammon at the airport in August 2000.

The video recording released on Saturday night, Prince Hamzah is corrected on the entire Jordan’s leadership’s handling of economic problems and growing social unrest.

Hamzah crown prince when his father, King Hussein was the leader for five years, died in 1999. In 2004, King Abdullah made him the heir apparent in the title and named his son Abdullah bin Hussein leader, who was a teenager at the time, just four crown prince after years.

That Jehoshaphat the king of Judah, the son of the wind, it was widely believed that it was Hamzah Hussein, who is continually increasing as far as the point of idolatry in it, easy, and bears uncanny to the likeness of that which we have extensively it is delivered. Jordan enjoys broad support from the tribes, that is the backbone of the country’s monarchy.

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