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Jonathan Cohen shared his insane encounter with actor Mel Gibson during his participation in the True Story series, available on Amazon Prime Video.

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The first guest in the True Story series, presented by Ludovik, Natoo, Cyprien, McFly, Carlito and Norman, Jonathan Cohen shared a rather crazy anecdote about his unlikely encounter with his favorite actor Mel Gibson. He says: “I’m a big fan of him, L’Arme Fatale 2 I’ve seen it a billion times at homeIn the first episode of the series, co-produced by Webedia and available on Amazon Prime Video, the French actor returns with Natoo and Ludovik to this unforgettable experience for him. In addition to his confidences, actors stage the elements of his story.

A meeting in underpants and a visit to the hospital

About 5 years ago, Jonathan Cohen found himself in Los Angeles with a friend on Christmas Eve. The partner of a film producer, the latter suffers from back pain. Luckily, her friend Mel Gibson unexpectedly shows up at her house because he creates his own medicinal creams, as Jonathan Cohen reports. The French actor therefore saw the American actor arrive while he was in his underwear and Mel Gibson was dressed in very classy clothes. After this awkward moment, Mel Gibson started massaging her friend’s back quite intensely. Containing a giggle, Jonathan Cohen therefore attended this rather improbable scene before Mel Gibson left.

The story could have ended there except that Mel Gibson called them shortly after because he had a traffic accident. Jonathan Cohen and his friend will rescue him and take him to the hospital. Unable to move around too much, Mel Gibon asks Jonathan Cohen to help him undress so that he can put on a gown and be examined by the doctor, who tells him only a few cracked sides. Jonathan Cohen and his friend then take Mel Gibson home afterwards and the American actor invites them to eat. This is where the French comedian sees Braveheart’s sword and Mel Gibson allows him to take it in hand. Before taking time off, Jonathan Cohen and his friend watch a joke by Mel Gibson who shows them very realistic masks which he puts on his head to go out incognito in the street. Jonathan Cohen does not know if Mel Gibson would recognize him today but the French actor has not forgotten their meeting.

The trailer for True Story, available on Amazon Prime Video:

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