Joker: Jared Leto returns scenes for Justice League Snyder Cut – teller report

Expected for May 2021 on the HBO Max platform, the long version of “Justice League” will mark the return of Jared Leto as the Joker, five years after his appearance in “Suicide Squad” by David Ayer.

Joker: jared leto returns scenes for justice league snyder cut - teller report
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Far from being unanimous, the tattooed and bodybuilt Joker of Jared Leto is reborn from his ashes. After many mixed reviews and an aborted spin-off project, the actor – Oscar winner thanks to his composition in Dallas Buyers Club by Jean-Marc Vallée in 2014 – reconnects with the Gotham criminal in the long version of Justice League, concocted by Zack Snyder and scheduled for May 2021 on HBO Max. End of September, The Hollywood Reporter informed that scenes, unfinished during the initial shooting, will be completed and that new sequences will emerge. These reshoots mainly concern four actors: Ben Affleck, Ray Fisher, Amber Heard and Jared Leto, whose role had been sloppy to say the least in the adaptation of Suicide Squad directed by David Ayer.

It’s a great revenge for the comedian, who had expressed his dissatisfaction with the exploitation of his character by the Warner Bros. The Joker version Leto did not appear in the Justice League released in 2017 – and mostly returned by Joss Whedon -, but the villain did indeed fit into the universe of Zack Snyder. This surprise appearance raises many questions: how the antagonist will be integrated into the plot of the film? Is this a simple cameo or a big role? How many new scenes will this director’s cut so anticipated ?

Justice League Snyder Cut: what do we know about the long version of Zack Snyder’s film?

On the production side, Jon Berg and Geoff Johns, executive producers for the 2017 version and involved in the reshoots orchestrated by Joss Whedon, will no longer have their names attached to the film. A sign that Zack Snyder is totally reclaiming his original project, after many twists and turns and disappointments. Another big change, this new version abandons the feature film format and will be split into four distinct parts.

Check out the trailer for the long version of “Justice League”:

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