Joker 2: the sequel to the film with Joaquin Phoenix becomes clearer

Joker 2: the sequel to the film with Joaquin Phoenix becomes clearer

Brigitte Baronnet

Brigitte Baronnet


Passionate about French cinema, adoring to survey festivals, Brigitte Baronnet has been a journalist for AlloCiné for 10 years. She hosts the Spotlight podcast.

The project of a potential sequel to “Joker” resurfaces. Director and co-writer Todd Philips has reportedly signed on to write “Joker 2”, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Will there be a sequel for the hit movie Joker? Everything and its opposite has been written about a potential sequel for the feature film worn by Joaquin Phoenix. Todd Philips, its director and co-writer, said in 2019 that no sequel was planned (but admitted that it had been mentioned informally).

The latter had also indicated to have imagined the project, for a moment, as a trilogy, before abandoning the idea.

Now a sequel project resurfaces, following an article published by The Hollywood Reporter focusing on Hollywood’s most powerful lawyers. It is in this article that we learn that Todd Philips would have signed to write Joker 2, instantly reviving the rumors of a sequel.

This news to be taken with a grain of salt also raises questions about the schedule of this possible project: what will be the plot? when will the film be shot? Will Joaquin Phoenix be back in the Joker costume?

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