Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean 6: after the trial against Amber Heard, a return…

Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 after the

After the verdict in the Johnny Depp trial against Amber Heard, Pirates of the Caribbean fans are hoping the comedian will return as Jack Sparrow for one last ride at sea! Is it possible ? We take stock.

On May 17, the trial opposing Johnny Depp at Amber Heard delivered its verdict. The actress was ordered to pay her ex-husband $15 million in damages for defamation.

However, the comedian, who appears to be the big winner of this trial, was also ordered to pay the sum of 2 million dollars in compensatory damages to his ex-wife.

The jurors indeed considered that the assertions made by Johnny Depp’s lawyer in the Daily Mail also constituted defamation.

Following this verdict, which ignited social networks, fans of Pirates of the Caribbean demanded en masse the return of the interpreter of Jack Sparrow in a 6th film.

Will Johnny Depp be rehabilitated by Hollywood after this trial? The question is widely debated in the media, especially in the US, and among Johnny Depp aficionados.

Behind the scenes, a return of the actor in the 6th installment of the saga of Pirates would start to take shape. Rumors point to internal discussions about his case at Disney.

In addition, the historical producer of the saga, Jerry Bruckheimerrecently left the door open for Johnny to return as Jack Sparrow.

Asked by variety about the future of the saga, the businessman first confirmed that his team was working on two new films in the saga, including one with Margot Robbie.

The journalist then evokes the Johnny Depp case. “There is no question of a return at the moment,” Bruckheimer replied.

“However, the future of the saga is still under study, nothing is decided”, he concluded, leaving room for doubt. Discarded from Fantastic Beasts and Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp will return to the cinema in France.

He will play the main male role in the next film by French director Maïwenn (Polisse). Johnny Depp will play King Louis XV in a historical film called Jeanne du Barry.

Jerry Bruckhemier, also producer of Top Gun Maverickwould be confirmed in his idea of ​​​​reviving Pirates of the Caribbean thanks to the success of the film with Tom Cruise.

The feature film demonstrated that a blockbuster carried by a superstar could still be synonymous with big numbers at the box office.

However, will Johnny Depp want to return to the costume of this ultra-popular character if Disney returns to him? Given his recent statements, nothing is less certain.

Indeed, the actor had closed the door to a return to the Pirates of the Caribbean saga during the trial. This announcement was made during cross-examination by Amber Heard’s lawyer. He asked him:

“The fact is, Mr. Depp, if Disney came to you with $300 million and a million alpacas, nothing in this earth would make you come back and work with Disney on a Pirates of the Caribbean movie? isn’t it?”

Johnny Depp then replied: “It’s true”. Also during his auditions, Johnny Depp confided that he felt betrayed by Disney when he was ready to conclude the story correctly with his co-stars.

“I felt like these characters needed to be able to say goodbye in due form. There’s a way to end such a big franchise and I think the characters deserved to have a positive ending. I had the intention to continue until it is time to stop”he specified.

“I had this very deep and distinct feeling of having been betrayed by the people I had worked hard with, the people to whom I had delivered a character that they initially despised”he added.

Will the artist change his mind if Hollywood reaches out to him again? We will still have to be patient to find out, especially since the subject is still hot in public opinion.

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