• The John Wick franchise is expanding with multiple spinoff films, including Ballerina and a potential Bowery King movie.
  • Ballerina”will feature a female lead character, offering a new perspective on the assassin underworld.
  • Other potential spinoffs include a Sofia movie and an Akira movie, exploring their past and future in the franchise.

The John Wick films are full of many characters with their own unique skills and backstories, meaning there is a lot of potential for spinoff films to be created that fans may be eager to see. The growing popularity of the franchise over the years has allowed it to continue to grow and evolve even beyond where John Wick: Chapter 4 leaves the story. Lionsgate has already confirmed that John Wick: Chapter 5 is being written, but there is much more for fans to look forward to seeing. It has also been revealed that multiple new John Wick spinoffs are in the works, although the details surrounding them are unclear.

The prospect of expanding the franchise with spinoffs is something Lionsgate has been working on for a few years. Audiences have already seen the first season of The Continental TV show, and it has long been confirmed that Ana de Armas will star in the first John Wick spinoff movie, Ballerina. However, the prequel series following existing characters or the spinoff starring an entirely new assassin only scratches the surface of the exciting world that has been created. There is no shortage of interesting characters that could be the focal point of standalone features. High enthusiasm from actors and producers also could help a few John Wick spinoffs happen.

Ballerina, Starring Ana de Armas

Set for release on June 7, 2024


Release Date June 7, 2024

Director Len Wiseman

Cast Ana De Armas, Anjelica Huston, Gabriel Byrne, Lance Reddick, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Norman Reedus, Ian McShane, Keanu Reeves

Rating Not Yet Rated

Main Genre Action

This first of the John Wick spinoff films will star Ana de Armas as an assassin intent on avenging the murders of her family members. Taking place between John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum and John Wick: Chapter 4, this film will feature Keanu Reeves, Anjelica Huston, Lance Reddick, and Ian McShane reprising their roles as John Wick, The Director, Charon, and Winston, respectively. The film will also feature Abraham Popoola, Norman Reedus, and others as new characters.

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One thing that makes this film such an exciting addition to the John Wick franchise is that, by having a female lead character, this is the first time viewers will experience the assassin underworld through a female perspective. Ballerina producer Basil Iwanyk spoke exclusively to Screen Rant about the importance of having Promising Young Woman‘s Emerald Fennell improve the Ballerina script to portray a “real and grounded” female character. There is also reason to be excited to see Ana de Armas return to the action genre in a bigger role after a scene-stealing turn as Paloma in No Time To Die.

A Bowery King Movie, Starring Laurence Fishburne

This character was a friend and ally to Wick in John Wick 2, 3, and 4

While it has yet to be confirmed, John Wick: Chapter 4 producer Erica Lee spoke exclusively to Screen Rant about possible interest in creating a Bowery King spinoff film. What makes his character unique is that he managed to carve out his own empire within the assassin underworld through his use of messenger pigeons and his own, highly-trained crew of homeless people. As Lee explains, the Bowery King is uniquely “low-tech and analog in a digital world.”

A Bowery King spinoff film could be a prequel that examines his rise to power. It could also be a sequel in which he goes on his own journey to combat the High Table. He has shown his willingness to break their rules and his desire to be free of their control through his support of Wick throughout the franchise. No matter what a Bowery King movie would end up being about, a film about him would likely succeed due in part to the charismatic performance of Fishburne at the helm. It could even bring back Jason Mantzoukas’ Tick Tock Man for another memorable role.

Halle Berry’s John Wick Spinoff

Halle Berry played Sofia in John Wick 3

Halle Berry’s Sophia was introduced in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum as the manager of the Continental Hotel in Casablanca. Wick enlists Sofia’s help in his pursuit of the Elder, the person who sits above the High Table after John is declared excommunicado near the start of the film. Sofia reluctantly agrees to help Wick after he presents her with a marker, which hints at a debt that she needs to repay. Despite John Wick 3 not revealing too much about Sofia’s life or past, Halle Berry’s performance and stunt work made her one of the best parts of the movie, prompting immediate calls for a spinoff.

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There is room for a Sofia spinoff movie starring Halle Berry to explore her past and future in the John Wick franchise. Her and John’s history could allow Keanu Reeves to make another cameo, while it can also answer what happens to Sofia after John Wick 3‘s ending. Halle Berry has expressed interest in a Sofia spinoff movie, as she teased in an interview with IGN, There could possibly be a Sofia…her own movie. So she might not be in John Wick, but she might be doing her own thingy-thingy.” If Sofia returns in any capacity, it would also present a chance for her deadly dogs to come back too.

An Akira Movie, Starring Rina Sawayama

Akira was introduced in John Wick 4

Akira was a new character introduced in John Wick: Chapter 4. The daughter of Shimazu Koji (Hiroyuki Sanada) – the manager of the Continental Hotel in Osaka – and the concierge at the Osaka Continental, Akira has her own assassin skills and a deep devotion to her father. After Caine kills her father while following the High Table’s orders, the John Wick: Chapter 4 post-credits scene shows Akira approaching Caine, intending to avenge him. That moment appears to be a strong indication that the franchise’s producers are already contemplating a spinoff for Akira that continues to explore this storyline.

There is clear interest in seeing Rina Sawayama return as Akira after John Wick 4, whether that be in John Wick 5 or a spinoff movie. The latter option holds much greater potential for her character specifically, as a solo film for Akira could solely focus on her story and ambitions, further exemplifying her assassin skills. John Wick 4 producer Erica Lee also told Screen Rant previously that Akira “is such an interesting character in the world, and so badass that I really want to see more of her.” With Lee’s interest expressed, the hope that this spinoff movie will come to fruition is understandably high.

A Caine Movie, Starring Donnie Yen

John Wick 4’s blind assassin has more story to tell

Donnie Yen’s introduction to the John Wick franchise as Caine in John Wick: Chapter 4 immediately brought thoughts of spinoff possibilities. Caine is a reluctant enemy to Wick throughout the film, as they have a history and previous friendship that complicates the situation. The blind assassin acts as an agent for the High Table’s schemes, attacking Wick and killing Koji before being chosen to duel Wick on the Marquis’ behalf. It is through his role in John Wick 4 that some potential setup for a spinoff comes.

There are multiple ways the John Wick franchise could further explore Caine’s story, such as exploring why Caine was blinded by the High Table. The reason is not specifically stated during the fourth movie, so a spinoff could reveal how and why he got the scars going across his eyes. This could pave the way to further exploring how Caine’s daughter is in danger from the High Table if he does not comply with their rules. Furthermore, this John Wick spinoff is an excellent opportunity to put a talented action performer like Donnie Yen at the focus and raise the franchise’s bar for stunts once again.


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