John Wick, Mission Impossible, Transformers…: 5 explosive sagas to rediscover on Prime…

John Wick Mission Impossible Transformers… 5 explosive sagas to rediscover

It’s time for a big show on Prime Video! To celebrate the thunderous arrival of the John Wick trilogy on the platform, we come back to 5 sagas that put the package. Stunts, skids and explosions: fasten your seatbelts!

John Wick

John is a simple man. Still in mourning for his wife, he put away his past as a hitman to cherish his dog Daisy and pamper his vintage car. But when a band of thugs enter his home to steal his precious Ford Mustang and above all, kill his beagle, John has only one thing in mind: revenge.

It’s a Keanu Reeves at the top of its form that we find in the trilogy John Wick, available today on Prime Video. Wielding firearms and endowed with an unparalleled sense of timing, this anti-hero leads his murderous run for our greatest pleasure. 3 films that are full of ideas, always more innovative in combat choreographies and staging effects, and which will welcome a new opus planned for 2024.

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Impossible mission

How not to mention Impossible mission when it comes to thrilling movies? Designed like real roller coasters, the episodes of Ethan Hunt’s adventures are an opportunity to push the limits of staging and suspense… And we want more!

In the 6 feature films, all planetary successes, Tom Cruise plays a special agent of the Mission Impossible Force. The actor also puts his person, not hesitating to perform his own stunts. Aided by his acolytes Luther (Ving Rhames), Benji (Simon Pegg), and Ilsa (Rebecca Ferguson), Agent Hunt is sent all over the world to thwart the plans of the greatest criminals. Often forced to act in the shadows, he resorts to subterfuge and the art of disguise as much as the strong way.

Originally, Impossible mission is a television series broadcast between 1966 and 1973. The cinema saga takes up all the codes: the cult music, the burning wick of the credits, and the famous line “Your mission, if you accept it…”. With the exception of the 2nd installment, all Mission Impossible are to be rediscovered on Prime Video. The best way to wait until the release of mission impossible 7 in 2023!

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Two factions of alien robots, the Decepticons and the Autobots, land on Earth to seize an overpowered cube. These robots have the particularity of metamorphosing into vehicles, thus mimicking cars, helicopters and other trucks at will. In a spectacular fight, the friendly Autobots led by Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, try to preserve the Earth threatened by the Decepticons, on their side much more inclined to total destruction.

If we are used to seeing derivative products from our favorite films, the process is sometimes reversed: transformers was originally a toy line from the 1980s! Marked by this universe, Michael Bay directs the 5 main parts of the franchise, all available on Prime Video. All carried by a rather impressive cast: Shia Labeouf, Megan Fox, Mark Wahlberg, John Turturro, Anthony Hopkins

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If there is a saga that can be described as explosive, it is Expendables ! A simple glance at the casting of the trilogy makes it possible to understand that we are on the very, very heavy: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Terry Crews… With, in each episode, new prestigious names, like Jean Claude Van Damme, Harrison Ford or Mel Gibson.

Each of the members of the elite unit has his specialty: from close combat, to heavy machine guns, to the handling of explosives. A spectacular outburst of action tinged with a good dose of second degree. A 4th opus, currently in production, will focus on the adventures of Lee Christmas, played by Jason Statham.

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Fast & Furious

With already 10 films released in cinemas, Fast and Furious has established itself in twenty years as one of the most lucrative and acclaimed franchises in the world. At the wheel of very large cars, we find a cast of choice: Vin Diesel and Paul Walkerof course, but also Michelle Rodriguez, Dwayne JohnsonJason Statham, or Gal Gadot.

Tokyo, Miami, Rio de Janeiro or Abu Dhabi: each episode explores places where all excesses are allowed, especially at the wheel of a big colorful racing car. The first 7 Fast and Furious are to see or review on Prime Video.

Find Fast and Furious on Prime Video.

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