John Boyega quits Jo Malone after being replaced in Chinese commercial

John Boyega quits Jo Malone after being replaced in Chinese commercial

Boyega: 28, but was replaced by another created the short film version of the Chinese agent to Liu Haoran, a decision by the “Star Wars” actor said that “bad” in Twitter thread The report Monday on the news.

“Their decision to replace my campaign in China using my ideas, and assuming local brand ambassador to me, not even my prior knowledge or consent, was wrong,” wrote Boyega, adding that the film featured celebrated his personal history and his family and friends.

“While many brands use a variety of global and local ambassadors realize, there is just something I can not condone this culture dismissively of trading,” he said.

The original version, titled “Gent London Boyega shows Pekhamum supranomin walking through London and the places where they grew up, young people riding bicycles on the white horse dancing party.

Jo Malone, I think it is normal beauty groups such as Estee Lauder, said last year that had been hand-picked from all commercial actor. An odor triggers the memory power. And, John, the most potent memories will always bring it home, “said the company in a commercial when it was released.

Jo Malone is like visual elements used in the advertisement featuring lit.

A black John calls Boyega only of natural ability to push them out of the back of the Disney ultimately is a very important
“John Boyega an incredible talent, and a man and as an artist without his pride is part of our family, Jo Malone London wrote the company’s Facebook Boyega follows. “I would first point, John is not the best plan of all.”

It was not immediately respond to requests for further comment Estée Lauder.

On Saturday, in a statement to the Hollywood Marcus Malone London said that the Chinese market commercial version of the maze.

“We are deeply sorry for what our end, there was no error in the execution of John Boyega campaign,” said John Malone London. “John is a tremendous artist most personal vision and direction. The concept for the film was based on John was not in use and should be replicated.”

One called to Boyega hit the headlines in September early treatment will be on Disney, “Star Wars” character Finn.

Finn, a former Stormtrooper, have played an important role in the developer is the latest iteration of the franchise, but then became more of a background character that the films focused more on the Kyloe General Rene, played by Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver.

& # 39;  Now is the time John motion & # 39;: Boyega address the protesters rally in London Black lifetime Res
“I can not tell what Disney is a black character are much better for the market into heaven, and think that they will be part of them,” he said in an interview with GQ UK.

Disney contacted by CNN to comment.

Boyega voice is really important in my life recently purchased Black and causing emotional speech to a demonstration in London in June.

And at the same time the one of men, with those thousands of protesters were marching towards the United States of America at that time than it is now, in the equality of all things-in-law arrived.

“I always thought the report Black lives,” said Boyega rally. “It is always important. For it is not something that has always has been. Always there for us regardless. And now is the time. I is not waiting. I is not waiting. “

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