Jeune et Golri on OCS: who are the comedians of the series?

Comedy on the coming of age, “Jeune et Golri” explores the backstage of Parisian stand-up through its heroine played by Agnès Hurstel, surrounded by a gallery of budding comedians. Meeting with their interpreters.

Jeune et golri on ocs: who are the comedians of the series?
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Created, written and worn by Agnès Hurstel (soon to be featured in Trop d’Amour), Jeune et Golri follows the wanderings of Prune, an apprentice humorist who falls in love with Francis (Jonathan Lambert), a man twice his age and father of a granddaughter (Jehanne Pasquet). Around her revolve several actors still unknown to the general public, but whose career as comedians correspond to those of their fictional alter-egos.

An authentic project

Among the actors who make up the band of Prune, we find Paul Mirabel, humorist currently visible on stage in Zebra, his first show and author of chronicles on France Inter. At his side, Marie Papillon, revealed thanks to her videos on Instagram and creator of the shortcom Marie and the things broadcast on Téva, day the role of Adé, the best friend of Prune.

I identify very well with Adé’s character, including in the relationship I have with Agnès. Prune and Adé, it’s a bit like Marie and Agnès. I had the impression that we were all kind of our characters when we were off the set.

Their collaboration arises from an unlikely chance meeting in Paris, at a red light. “We followed each other on Instagram, I was on my motorbike and she on her scooter, and she shouts at me: “I’m following you on Instagram, I would love you to be my best friend!” The light turned green and we didn’t speak again. Three years later, she wrote me a message telling me that she wanted to cast me in the role of her best friend for her series.

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An authentic project according to her, which describes a daily situation for many people. “Although it is extremely common, it is not a subject that has been covered very much in fiction. It’s almost almost implicit: when you see a couple in the cinema and the guy is fifteen years older than his partner, a priori that’s not a problem. While there is bound to be!

Like Paul Mirabel, Nordine Ganso, originally from Bordeaux, is part of the Parisian stand-up scene and plays his first role on screen in Jeune et Golri. He meets Agnès during an open scene; five years later, she contacted him to offer him to participate in the series, in which he played his stage alter-ego, bearing the same first name and writing his own sketches.

It’s an experience that made me want to work in this field, because acting is very different from stand-up.“, he explains. On the set, every minute counts: 8 episodes of 20 minutes shot in twenty days, or nearly 11 useful minutes each day.”It was very fast, but it allowed us not to put too much bad pressure on ourselves! “

Plum and Adé, it’s a bit like Marie and Agnès

Revealed in 2020 thanks to the success of her Instagram account The characters, gallery of short videos in which she sketches portraits as fierce as they are hilarious using distorting filters and a heightened sense of sociological observation, Lison Daniel, screenwriter and actress, is for her a long-time friend date of Agnès Hurstel.

In Jeune et Golri, she plays Alice, character “a little zinzin“who goes on stage for the first time and tries his hand at an imitation of a vagina.”Beyond the series, we were all very close in life. This good atmosphere is felt in the series, and reflects this osmosis in the stand-up. it’s also very fresh, it changes a bit from what we are used to seeing.

I found the script at the same time intelligent, hyper efficient and very removed. I also wanted to participate in this OCS movement which is to make series with few resources and which helps creativity a lot. It was a happy and lively ensemble.

The galley and the wandering, I have known well“, continues Lison Daniel.”Before Les Caractères started working, I lived through several years of despair. It’s a very hard job, where no one is waiting for you anywhere, and the less confidence you have in yourself, the less you manage to present yourself well to the world. But maybe I was less combative than Prune too! Taking a microphone, putting yourself in danger on stage necessarily pays off because you learn very quickly; we are carried by the collective spirit, we are in a more fruitful process.

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Like Prune, do you have to draw on your struggles and personal suffering to be funny?

In the stand-up, you’re going to tell stuff to make people laugh, but that’s not what they really want to hear. And you only realize it once you screw up. Whereas what hurts us in life, when we pull a joke about it on stage, it works all the time. When you manage to seize this breach, that you work on it, it works“, Nordine analysis.

People need to feel something lived, true. This is what Agnes manages to do very well by transcribing her story as a stepmother on stage.“For Lison Daniel, this principle can be summed up in one sentence:”I believe there is a formula that says drama + hindsight = humor. “

Among his next projects to date, Lison Daniel has participated in the writing of Funny, the next series of Fanny Herrero (Ten percent) centered on the stand-up and in a way “Young and Golri’s big sister“. Nordine Ganso is back on stage in September to play his first one-man show, Purple, at the Le Métropole theater, before participating in the Montreux comedy festival in December.

As a comedian, you develop a real approach to distance yourself. What we are going to experience painful, we will experience very badly for a day, but the next day, we will try to find valves on it. If we have enough perspective, we can skit on just about any dramatic thing that happens to us. The stand-up is really therapy“, he concludes.

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