Jeune et Golri on OCS: what is stand-up comedy worth with Agnès Hurstel and Jonathan Lambert?

Presented at the Séries Mania festival in French competition, “Jeune et Golri”, the first creation by comedian and screenwriter Agnès Hurstel, starts tonight on OCS. A fresh and modern initiatory story about couples and humor therapy.

What is it about ?

Prune, 25, falls in love with Francis, who is 46 years old and a child. The young woman becomes a stepmother, while her friends are still in descent from MDMA, and that she has the same mental age as the little one. It is the story of a motherhood not chosen but spoiled. This is the story of Prune.

Jeune et golri on ocs: what is stand-up comedy worth with agnès hurstel and jonathan lambert? - news series on tv
Jeune et golri on ocs

Young and Golri, every Thursday at 8:40 p.m. on OCS

Who is it with?

Written by Agnès Hurstel and Léa Doménach (Le Bureau des affaires sexistes), Jeune et Golri is directed by Fanny Sidney (Dix Pour Cent), who took her first steps behind the camera in the webseries Loulou sur Arte.

Comedian, screenwriter and radio columnist, Agnès Hurstel reveals the full extent of her talent as an interpreter in the role of the sparkling Plum. In the casting, Marie Papillon (Marie and things), Nordine Ganso, Paul Mirabel and Lison Daniel embody a group of friends and apprentice stand-uppers as credible as they are hilarious, all the more successful as some hold their first here. role on screen.

Facing them, Jonathan Lambert (Faire des gosses) delivers a sensitive and touching score in the role of Francis, a divorced fifty-something who falls under the spell of Prune. But this new relationship will not please his daughter Alma (Jehanne Pasquet, perfect as a horrifying kid) and even less his ex-wife Nathalie, played by Ophelia Kolb (The Man I Condemned). Baya Kasmi (The Grand Bazaar) and Thomas Gioria (Adoration) embody Prune’s mother and brother, as whimsical and uninhibited as she is.

Well worth a look ?

After training in classical dance then in the theater, and a first show in 2017 produced by Kader Aoun, “Avec ma bouche”, Agnès Hurstel arrives on OCS in 2021 by offering her very first series, which she writes and plays, a sitcom in eight episodes of 26 minutes raw and hilarious like his scenic alter-ego.

Through the prism of comedy, the actress takes an enlightened look at modern relations by following the first steps of a couple marked by a strong age difference, by following the trajectory of Prune, a young Parisian taken aback by her feelings for a man almost old enough to be her father, whom she meets following a pledge between fellow comedians.

An angle of approach on the generational gap in romantic relationships which does not yield to the gender stereotypes of the girl-object vis-à-vis the man-pygmalion, or worn-out representations of the midlife crisis, but which on the contrary goes to the confront in turn, when Prune uses her passages on stage as an escape from the difficulties encountered in her relationship with Francis. Starting with her chaotic meeting with Alma, her seven-year-old daughter, whom she will use in her sketches in a totally opportunistic manner.

Jeune et golri on ocs: what is stand-up comedy worth with agnès hurstel and jonathan lambert? © The Film TV
Prune (Agnès Hurstel) and Alma (Jehanne Pasquet)

This is the great strength of the series: firstly engaging in a merciless war, Prune and Alma, forced to rub shoulders to please Francis, gradually learn to tame. From their children’s bickering – because we do not know who is the more mature of the two between the heroine who eats dried pizza for breakfast and the girl passionate about the Napoleonic campaigns – will be born a sincere and moving bond which brings all its depth to this comedy with a tone as realistic as it is fierce.

Agnès Hurstel quotes Dumb and Dumber in her cult films, and it is easy to understand why in front of the avalanche of scabrous gags. Trashy humor, nudity, sex, questionable jokes about children: the designer does nothing to arouse embarrassment or hilarity, depending on the sensitivity of each. OCS left complete freedom of tone to its two authors, and the result is all the more pleasing. Hurstel is having a great time, and her resolutely feminist words find a suitable setting here.

In its form, the series is a pop candy illustrated by a retro photograph that perfectly suits the streets of the lively districts of the capital, a credits in pastel tones reminiscent of the melody of Téléshopping and a sexy soundtrack in which are linked titles by Meryl, Crystal Murray, Lio and L’Impératrice. Behind the camera, Fanny Sidney, revealed to the public thanks to her role of Camille in Ten percent, signs a seductive staging that could well make her a director to follow closely in the coming years.

Using the teeming arena of stand-up and its ability to federate talents, Agnès Hurstel offers us with Jeune et Golri an irresistible generational comedy proposal on the transition to adulthood, based on confusing performers. natural. All you have to do is wait for Funny, Fanny Herrero’s next series for Netflix, to dive behind the scenes again, this time in 52-minute format. In the meantime, the young guard ensures.

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