Amazon (AMZN) CEO Jeff Bezos said Tuesday in a statement that the company is “in the corporate tax rate rise from supportive.”

“We accept Biden Administration’s focus on the American infrastructure makes bold investments,” said Bezos. “Both Democrats and Republicans have supported infrastructure of the past; and that the right to work together to make this happen. We recognize investment does not require concessions from all sides – not only individually but it’s included and how it gets paid for. “

In 2019, the then Vice President Joe Biden former; out Amazon history of the corporate income tax bill to reduce the tax credits and deductions. On the back fire on the crowd, saying: “No, we should make every penny,” and that the corporate tax is worth $ 2.6 billion in 2016.
And again the year, then Presidential candidate Biden, Amazon said that it’s starting to pay tribute “to a large part of a broader critique, a successful developer. Amazon has often been said above, it can be bound to the tax laws.
The company also recently sparred Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has advocated for raising taxes on big corporations. Warren said in the last month Tweet“Cave Spiders roam benefit huge corporations like Amazon to consult their allies – but not to exploit loopholes and tax havens pay almost nothing in taxes. That’s just not right.”
Amazon responded that: saying:“And make sure the tax laws @SenWarren to them presently. If you do not like the laws created in every possible way to turn. Here are the facts: Amazon is already billions of dollars in corporate taxes paid over the past few years alone.”
For tax years 2018 and 2017 showed Amazon’s financial filings are expected to take money from the federal government, it would not be in the income tax. For the 2019 tax year, more than $ 1 billion in debt Amazon said the federal income tax.
In 2020, Amazon price of $ 1.7 billion in federal taxes, the company said In response to Warren. Net income of $ 21.3 billion for the year.

Now, he is drawn to the speech Biden’s infrastructure management plan can prove to be more compelling enough to help corporate leaders to sign hiking business taxes.

Bezos said said: “We look Administration and Congress coming together to find the right, the US balanced solution that maintains and enhances competitiveness.”

He was not alone. In Rieder, chief investment officer of global fixed income at Blackrock, the world’s largest soccer carrots rolling Trump-era corporate tax cuts will not hurt the economy – and could actually have positive growth.
Business Rieder told CNN last month that he thinks the US economy plane to withstand higher corporate taxes, and he suggested that I could not help that, putting the rate corporate finance wealth should be distributed evenly among corporations and workers more.

Strange to say the US economy is resilient, “he said,” I performed well in certain options and you get this income redistribution and consumption better and easier, especially in the lower and middle income. “

–CNN Brian Fung’s attention to this report, and Matt Egan

–Correction: An early version of this story misstated the percentage of Amazon’s total 2019 US federal income per year should not pay the tax.

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