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Rediscover the first appearance at the cinema of Jean-Pierre Bacri, in a film with (and produced by) Alain Delon, entitled “Le Toubib”, released in 1979. And the first image of Bacri on the screen is … masked!


What is the first role of Jean-Pierre Bacri? And why is he masked? The answer is simple: for his first appearance on the big screen, the actor plays an anesthesiologist, a member of the surgeon’s team played by Alain Delon in Le Toubib. Released in October 1979 under the direction of Pierre Granier-Deferre, the film takes place in the near future (1983), while the Third World War is raging. Jean-Marie Desprès, a prestigious surgeon, broken by the life and the departure of his wife, supervises a field hospital, a few kilometers from the front. He meets the young and pretty Harmony. Idealist, she gives him hope.


This third and last collaboration of Alain Delon with Pierre Granier-Deferre after La Veuve Couderc (1971) and La Race des seigneurs (1973) grants Jean-Pierre Bacri a few lines and it is a delight to see him from time to time in the background, react to the well-felt sentences of Delon or the other star of the film, Bernard Giraudeau. His first appearance is literally masked (see capture above), but he is later seen outside the operating room and therefore, without his mask.

Goodbye, Jean-Pierre

As for the last images of his filmography, they are offered to us by Family Photo, in which Bacri plays a father wishing to place his losing mother in a retirement home. The final shot of the comedian’s career takes place in a cemetery, a slight pan following his profile. Here is a photo extract:


Jean-Pierre Bacri’s last shot at the cinema for “Family photo”

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