Black Friday deal takes 50% off these JBL wireless headphone…

JBL Tune 760NC wireless headphones on anyone's head.

If you’re looking to buy cheap noise-canceling headphones at this year’s Black Friday deals, here’s an offer from Amazon that you should consider – 50% off the JBL Tune 760NC, which makes their price very affordable. Brings up to $65. $130. However, we’re not sure how much time you have left to take advantage of the $65 savings. There’s a possibility that the deal won’t make it to the actual shopping holiday as it may sell out quickly, so if you’re interested in these wireless headphones, you’ll want to get your purchase done as soon as possible.

Why should you buy JBL Tune 760NC Wireless Headphones?

The JBL Tune 760NC is one of the cheapest options if you want active noise cancellation with your wireless headphones. According to our headphone buying guide, this is one of the most sought-after features for wireless headphones, because in many situations you can block out all external sound when you’re trying to focus on reading, studying, and watching streaming shows. It is very convenient to block. When ANC is a necessity. With it active, the JBL Tune 760NC can last up to 35 hours on a full charge, but if you disable ANC, the wireless headphones can last up to an impressive 50 hours.

JBL is one of the most trusted names in the audio industry due to the quality of its products, so you should expect nothing but precise sound with pure bass from the JBL Tune 760NC. However, the wireless headphones remain lightweight, with a foldable design that makes them compact when you need to store them for your travels. For easy operation, the JBL Tune 760NC comes with buttons on the earcups to adjust volume, answer calls, and access your favorite digital assistant.

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The JBL Tune 760NC are currently at 50% off from Amazon, we believe these will become one of the most popular Black Friday headphone deals this year as you only have to pay $65 for them instead of $130 will be. You’ll get amazing value for money if you buy these noise-canceling headphones, but only if you’re able to secure your order while the $65 discount is still online. If you want to get the JBL Tune 760NC Wireless Headphones at half price, you should add them to your cart and check out right away.

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