Jaws, Shark Bay…: the 5 craziest shark movies to watch on Prime…

Jaws Shark Bay… the 5 craziest shark movies to watch

Between Hollywood classics, low-budget parodies or exciting documentaries, sharks have carved out a place for themselves on our screens over the years. Focus on 5 shark films not to be missed on Prime Video!


How to Talk About Shark Movies Without Mentioning Jaws ? Released in 1975, the classic Steven Spielberg has not aged a bit, as evidenced by the still intact admiration for him 45 years later.

If you’re not familiar with this genre-defining film, this one tells how a marine biologist, a shark fisherman and a local sheriff join forces to neutralize a predator terrorizing the beaches of Amity Island.

Its cult music, its straight-forward dialogues, its perfectly believable visual effects, or even its exceptional trio of actors made up of Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss : so many good reasons to rediscover Spielberg’s 4th feature film on Prime Video.

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Shark Bay

Just landed on the platform, Shark Bay takes us to the coast of Mexico, where 5 students in the middle of Spring Break indulge in a jet-ski rodeo. But a violent collision immobilizes the devices in the open sea, and worse still: a nasty wound attracts a bloodthirsty marine predator…

1h30 of tension in a real camera in the open sea: here is the promise that Shark Bay fulfills wonderfully. On the casting side, the face of Thomas Flynn may seem very familiar to you, since he recently distinguished himself in the role of Rupert Norton in The Bridgerton Chronicle.

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In Troubled Waters

In the heart of the Pacific Ocean, the mythical Mariana Trench is full of secrets… starting with the presence of a Megalodon, a species considered extinct for several million years.

Jason Statham embodies in In Troubled Waters a veteran Navy diver, determined to confront this titan of the deep in order to save the crew of his submarine. By his side, Rainn Wilson (The Office), Li Bingbing (Transformers: Age of Extinction) and Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black) complete the cast of this Sino-American blockbuster.

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Ice Sharks

Even out of the water, you are no longer safe! In Ice Sharksthe arctic sea ice becomes the new hunting ground for creatures crunching fresh flesh.

A film that completely assumes its whimsical, even parodic side; and which is the first of a long list of titles to be found on Prime Video. Jurassic Shark, Atomic Shark, Raging Sharks and even the very last installment of the franchise Sharknado : everything to delight lovers of the genre.

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Sharkwater Extinction

Back to serious things, with the documentary film Sharkwater Extinctionthe direct sequel to Lords of the Sea (Sharkwater), in which the marine biologist Rob Stewart denounced in 2008 the disastrous hunt for shark fins.

In the second part of this diptych, the scientist presents how the stigmatization of a mostly harmless animal allowed its massacre, for the benefit of industries of all kinds: cosmetics, gastronomy or even tourism.

If this documentary is exceptional, it is also because it takes a completely unexpected turn, with a human and emotional dimension. Indeed, it was during the filming of one of the underwater sequences that director Rob Stewart tragically died in 2017. His relatives then decided to complete the documentary in order to honor the memory and the fight of this enthusiast.

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