The Lush Greenery Of Jatiluwih Green Land In Bali Is All You Need to Calm Your Mind & Soul


The island of Bali has many unique and exciting places to visit. Of course, things you don’t know about can be seen in different places in the world. One of each unique part of the island that you must see jatiluvih green land Rice Terraces, Bali. Additionally, Jatiluwih comes from the word jati which means native, and hence the word Luwih means lovely.

The Jatiluwih rice terraces practically cover the area of ​​the upland settlement of the same name in West Bali, which is most famous for its scenery that is both extraordinary and truly fascinating. The site is one of the must-see highlights of the island in harmony with Mount Batur and the caldera of ‘Chintamani’. Located at the foot of Mount Batukaru, the town’s serene mountain peaks and stunning landscapes provide wonderful photo opportunities and serve as a relaxing retreat away from the crowded south of the island.

At one time expected to be a UNESCO cultural heritage site, the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces consist of more than 600 hectares of rice paddies that follow the slope geology of the Batukaru mountain range. These are maintained by a traditional water board known as ‘Subak’, which dates back to the ninth century. The cooperative society surprisingly gained acceptance as a prevalent component in the ‘Cultural Landscape’ section of Bali in the heritage list.

Location and map of Jatiluwih Green Land

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces is located in Penebel Village, Bali. If you are coming to Jatiluwih Green Land from Ubud, it will take you about 2 hours to cover the distance of 41 km. Most travelers who want to visit Jatiluwih Green Land can take Ubud tour package with the route ‘Ubud’, ‘Lake Beratan Bedugul’, ‘Jatiluwih Rice Fields’ and ‘Batukru Temple’.

Jatiluwih Rice Field Entrance Fee



If you need to book Bali travel bundles and be on the circuit, there is an itinerary to visit the Jatiluwih rice fields. Usually, the entry fee was included in your Bali travel bundles. However, if you do not want to use the travel bundle benefits in Bali and want to visit Jatiluwih rice fields by your own vehicle, you will need to pay Jatiluwih entrance fee, IDR 40,000/person. For Indonesian resident, Jatiluwih entrance fee is IDR 15,000/person.

For your luxury during your visit to Jatiluwih rice fields, we recommend you to hire a vehicle with driver in Bali, as there are long journeys to visit Jatiluwih rice fields. It is not difficult to rent a vehicle with driver in Bali and the cost of use is IDR 500.000/10 hours.

Things to do in Jatiluwih Green Land

If you are looking for unspoiled views and delightful natural surroundings, then the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces are a must visit for you on your next holiday in Bali. Here are all the things you can do in Jatiluwih Green Land so that you can enjoy the best of this place during your visit.

1. Rice field tracking

rice field trackingrice field tracking


Above all, one thing to do in Jatiluwih that you should not miss is rice field trekking. It is great to climb through the rice fields to soothe your soul while breathing in the cool air of Jatiluwih. There are climbing paths along the rice fields. You can choose from 5 unique courses:

Red: This is the shortest course taking about 60 minutes.
Yellow: This route takes approximately 1 hour 10 minutes.
white: The white path takes you deeper into the rice fields and gives you more viewpoints. It takes about 2 hours.
Green: The lush green track takes you for a length of 6 kilometers along gorgeous rice fields. The walk takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours.
Blue: With 7 km it is the longest trekking route and is versatile for expert trekkers. It is a walk of about 4 hours in immaculate nature.

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2. Cycle trip

Jatiluwih Cycle TourJatiluwih Cycle Tour


Cycling in Jatiluvih is a great way to enjoy the delightful landscape included in the UNESCO heritage. You can book cycle tours at various suppliers or essentially rent a bicycle and tour the rice terraces yourself. The green and blue tracking routes are also ideal routes for cycling. If you’re inclined towards a guided tour, you can choose between less demanding courses or all the more difficult tracks that traverse essentially equivalent destinations. They are adjusted according to different abilities and ages.

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3. This is a waterfall

This is the waterfall JatiluvihThis is the waterfall Jatiluvih


Ye Ho Falls is a quiet isolated small waterfall. It’s just a short walk and easy to get down the stairs. When you reach the falls, you’ll find two different areas: the main waterfall and a separate area for those who want to take a bath. The water is cool and refreshing, it’s spotless after a long climbing day! Basically, appreciate the quiet moments and unspoiled nature.

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4. Agricultural campaign

Experience farm lifeExperience farm life


Another most favorite activity at Jatiluwih Green Land in Bali is to check out the outback. Basically, rent a bike and drive down the small roads and enjoy real unspoiled Bali. You’ll find small towns and see how local people are in real life. Pastoralists in the towns use traditional methods to gather their crops and in many areas still lead very traditional lives. Most likely, you may have some knowledge of services and family life. Say hello to the great locals and get a big smile. Meet the real destiny of Indonesia, meet the locals!

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5. Pura Luhur Batukaru Temple

Pura Luhur Batukaru TemplePura Luhur Batukaru Temple

Image Courtesy: Christ06

Pura Luhur Batukaru is one of the most sacred temples in Bali and was built in the eleventh century. Located amidst the jungle and undoubtedly a supernatural place. Wearing scarf and sarong is mandatory, you can get to the temple entrance without spending anything from your pocket. Visitors are allowed to enter the courtyard first, but are not allowed to enter the main temple area. Due to hazy evenings, the best time to visit Pura Luhur Batukaru is early in the day.

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6. Angassery Hot Spring

Angseri Hot SpringAngseri Hot Spring


Relax your mind and soul at the Angseri Hot Spring, an exclusive spring. So put your feet up, enjoy the regular hot springs and appreciate the surrounding area with its tropical forests and waterfalls. Hot water contains strong minerals. People have long appreciated this natural miracle with its amazing healing powers. You will have to pay a small entry fee to reach the hot spring pool.

7. Housing

live in the middle of nowherelive in the middle of nowhere


Tegel Zero homestay is located in the area of ​​Jatiluwih in a small village amidst the forest. Huge view windows facing the magnificent forests. Listen for signs of nature, for example, winged creatures and crickets, you may even hear the splash of a small stream. Appreciate the peace of this serene desert waterfall. So relax at Tegel Zero Homestay and essentially rest your soul!

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8. Sunrise

Watching the sunrise in JatiluvihWatching the sunrise in Jatiluvih


Wake up around 5:30 am and prepare yourself to see the bright morning. While drawing energy from this quiet moment, you will only hear nature’s cues, like winged animals and crickets. Perhaps, you can see the first farmers collecting their produce. Usually mist and fog will appear around noon. So, you have the most amazing view of the first part of the day. Watch how the rice terraces gradually acquire their dark green color from sunlight. Watching the dawn in Jatiluwih is a wonderful activity and will bring joy to your soul.

where to eat

where to eatwhere to eat


There are a few eateries serving universal and neighborhood cooking on the small road overlooking the Jatiluwih Green Lands; Most itineraries stop here for lunch. One of the eateries offering the best vantage point is ‘Billy’s Terrace Café’, which serves neighborhood options and buffet, and ‘Warung Jatiluwih 259’ is down the slope. While most explorers on customized trips usually enjoy the view during the day, the rice fields are also wonderful at night, filled with fireflies and the sounds of nature that become more apparent at night.

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Don’t you feel fresher than before? You can’t imagine how refreshed you will feel after visiting the mesmerizing Jatiluwih Green Land. What are you waiting for? Take a break from your daily schedule and gift yourself and your loved ones a refreshing holiday in Bali where you will visit Jatiluwih Green Land.



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