Jappeloup on Chérie 25: how Guillaume Canet took hold of this true story

Jappeloup on Chérie 25: how Guillaume Canet took hold of this true story

Jappeloup, worn by Guillaume Canet, is broadcast tonight on Chérie 25: do you know why the actor was so keen to make this film?

Jappeloup, directed by Christian Duguay, is a free adaptation of the novel Black horsehair by Karine Devilder and inspired by the real life of Pierre Durand, passionate about horse riding. The latter abandoned his career as a lawyer to embark on show jumping with his mother named Jappeloup. The man and his equine took part in many competitions and notably won the Olympic title at the Seoul Olympics in 1988, against all odds after the bitter failure suffered at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. Note that Karine Devilder is Pierre Durand’s sister-in-law.

Guillaume Canet adapted, wrote and dialogued Jappeloup himself, a project that was close to his heart but that he did not intend to write at the start: “One day, Mario Luraschi (Coordinator of the equestrian stunts on the film) left me a message to tell me that he wanted to introduce me to his friend Pascal Judelewicz. Passionate about the subject, this producer had dreamed of making this film since 1995. His enthusiasm amazed me, seduced me … and convinced me. (…) I had planned to ease off to devote myself to my child. But he knew that the subject fascinated me and that I would take part in the game “, explains the actor in the press kit of the film.

Thinking about quickly passing the baton to an author, Canet first wrote ten pages. One thing leading to another, he writes sequences and begins to dialogue them. “After two weeks, I understood that I would do the script. I only had four months to complete everything”, confides the actor. Jappeloup’s story finds an echo in the life of the actor himself, which explains his great interest in the film.

Indeed, the actor practiced horse riding thanks to his father, a horse breeder. Guillaume decided to stop practicing to go to Paris and become an actor, which his father didn’t really like: “I had had a serious horse accident, I no longer had the will to win. The fear of hurting myself mixed with the desire to see other horizons than the country stables. I was starting to be attracted. by Paris and the girls “, reveals Canet.

In addition, the artist was obliged to get back in the saddle in order to embody Pierre Durand on the screen. To do this, the actor started riding again 6 weeks before the start of filming and benefited from drastic training with a coach, Frédéric Cottier: “I spent between 8 and 9 hours on a horse. It forced me to spend 1h30, every evening, in the hands of a physiotherapist”, confides the actor. Released on March 13, 2013, Jappeloup was a success, attracting 1.8 million viewers.

Will Guillaume Canet know how to recognize these friends’ films?

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