James Wan’s Malignant trailer: the director of Saw and Conjuring returns to horror

While he has just started filming “Aquaman 2”, James Wan returns to the horror genre that revealed him with “Malignant”. A story of nightmarish visions that seems to contain its share of terrifying images, given the trailer.

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It had been 5 years since the release of Conjuring 2 that James Wan had not tried horror. An eternity when we know how much the director has counted in the genre, with Saw and the saga articulated around the investigations of Ed and Lorraine Warren. But he took advantage of a little free time between two Aquaman opuses to come back to it with Malignant, whose trailer has finally been unveiled.

Expected on September 1 in our theaters, Malignant features Annabelle Wallis, who was none other than the heroine of the first Annabelle, spin-off of Conjuring. The actress stars as a young woman, Madison ‘Maddy’ Mitchell, beset by visions of a malevolent creature who seems to be chasing her and whose murders truly come true. The track of the coincidence is very quickly put aside in favor of an investigation into the identity of the monster and its link with the past of the main character.

Drawn from an original scenario and awaited with firm footing by horror lovers, Malignant will visibly offer us a few bursts and play on the switches between dream and reality, while taking up slasher ingredients.

Note also that another actress from the Conjuring saga is part of the cast: McKenna Grace, who was the heroine of Annabelle 3 and played the daughter of Ed and Lorraine Warren. One way, for James Wan, to establish a bridge between his previous horror franchise and his return to the genre, with a film whose poster, very graphic, was also unveiled.

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