James Franco accused of sexual harassment: an agreement reached with two complainants

In October 2019, two students filed a complaint against the actor for sexual misconduct. More than a year later, the New York Times reveals that an agreement has been reached between two accusers and the comedian to drop the charges.

James franco accused of sexual harassment: an agreement reached with two complainants

After his Golden Globe for Best Comedy Actor in The Disaster Artist in 2018, James Franco found himself in the heart of the turmoil. Following the #MeToo movement, several women have stepped up to the plate to point the finger at “inappropriate or sexually abusive behavior” of the actor during his comedy lessons.

Harassment: James Franco pursued by his former students

In October 2019, Sarah Tither-Kaplan and Toni Gaal, two former students of Studio 4, the film school of James Franco (which has since closed its doors), decided to file a complaint against the artist and several producers for having “used their power and fame by providing incredible work opportunities for aspiring actresses in exchange for explicit nudity, sex scenes and, as Franco put it, a willingness to push the boundaries.”

According to the complaint, James Franco “sought to create a network of young women who were victims of his personal and professional sexual exploitation under the guise of education.” The two complainants also accused the actor of inciting his students to act out explicit sex scenes of “orgy type”, all filmed by a camera.

A year and a half later, the New York Times reveals that the two young women have dropped their lawsuits after an agreement reached with the comedian. Lawyers for the plaintiffs confirmed this in a statement made to the Associated Press on Saturday night. It is not clear whether this arrangement is financial, but it is very likely that it is. The conditions must be submitted for validation by a judge within one month. Recently Harvey Weinstein had also found a financial agreement with several of his accusers against the dropping of the charges.

The interpreter of Harry Osborne in Spider-Man had denied these allegations through the voice of his lawyers, denouncing statements “bogus and inflammatory, without legal merit and pushed as part of a class action with the obvious aim of attracting as much publicity as possible to plaintiffs who are hungry for attention.”

In January 2018, James Franco had already categorically denied the first accusations in the show The Late Show by Stephen Colbert. “In my life I take pride in taking responsibility for what I have done. I have to do it to maintain my well-being. I do it whenever there is something wrong that needs to be done. I am trying to do it. The words I have heard are not true. If there is any compensation to be made, I would. I am here to listen, to learn and to change my perspective “, assured the actor.

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