James Cameron: the director of Avatar recalls the sacred experience of the cinema

Recently, Avatar reclaimed its crown of the biggest box office success worldwide thanks to its release in China, beating Avengers Endgame. James Cameron returned to this phenomenon at the microphone of IndieWire.

Last March, Avatar was released in Chinese theaters, allowing James Cameron’s blockbuster to once again become number one at the global box office, ahead of Avengers Endgame.

With 2.80 billion, Avatar exceeded by a hair the feature film Marvel and its 2.79 billion. Asked by IndieWire, James Cameron wanted to react.

The director prays in particular that other works can one day reach and even exceed these scores. “A lot of people are doing a lot about this box office battle”, he says.

Movie theaters are a sacred experience for everyone.

“But the important thing is to concentrate on the return of the spectators to the cinema. I really hope that we will have other films like Avengers Endgame or Avatar, capable of reaching the billion or the 2 billion dollars”, he trumpets.

“Pray that the cinemas are still there after the pandemic and the important shift taken towards streaming”, adds the filmmaker. He then specifies that he has nothing against streaming platforms because there are excellent films there, but that nothing will replace the movie theater.

“Movie theaters are a sacred experience for everyone. Let’s get back to that when the conditions are finally right to do so.”, concludes the director. As a reminder, Cameron is currently working on Avatar 2, which will be released in theaters on December 14, 2022.


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