James Bond: what does a REAL spy think of Agent 007? The answer on madelen!

It’s not James Bond who wants… Which is good since George Langelaan is a real secret agent of the 60s. In a surprising testimony to be discovered now on the Madelen platform, he reveals almost all the secrets of the trade!

James bond: what does a real spy think of agent 007? The answer on madelen!

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His name is on everyone’s lips at the moment: an iconic character in both literature and spy cinema, James Bond is back on the big screen in the guise of Daniel Craig. If his adventures have captivated spectators for so many years, a real secret agent of the sixties tells behind the scenes in Spy: a real James Bond, a report to discover on madelen.

No Aston Martin in George Langelaan’s garage, nor a luxury watch on his wrist, it is during a bike ride, newsboy pressed on the head, that the teams of the program Cinq Columns à la une meet in 1967 this spy who has something to surprise. Whether by his banal appearance or the tone of his voice rather catchy, this man is far from the embellished image of the secret agent that we all know.

Bond shoots and… misses!

When George Langelaan recounts, with unfailing serenity, the murder of a German with a bullet between his eyes, the sequence seems straight out of a movie. But as soon as you compare him to James Bond, he responds with humor: “When I see James Bond holding a gun much like my grandmother held her poker, it makes me smile because obviously this actor has never shot a gun”.

“When in these movies I see Bond shoot, […] when he shoots I look where he shoots and I know he missed, but the bad guy falls anyway! ” he continues, adding: “It’s adorable”. Obviously, George Langelaan isn’t particularly impressed with his movie star pseudo-counterpart. He also took the opportunity to point out that a secret agent never walks around with a real weapon, only an object that he can use to kill, such as a newspaper or a box of matches.

Bond, too good to be a spy?

In the middle of a shaving session, in a scene also worthy of a film, the spy explains that he had resorted to surgery at a younger age to change his face, in particular to modify his chin, his ears and his nose. The key to the job: always go unnoticed.

A quality that unfortunately does not reflect the reality of James Bond, too handsome and charismatic to blend in with the crowd. “In the business itself, you could never have used a boy like that,” He comments in front of two photos of an actor who played the spy on the screen. “The secret agent must be essentially the quiet father, the man who goes unnoticed.”

And the gadgets in all of this?

The fight scenes in feature films have nothing to do with reality either, too long and rowdy. As for gadgets, iconic objects of the film franchise, George Langelaan presents a few pieces of the perfect spy outfit of the 60s: a transmitter to swallow someone to follow, tiny microphones. wireless, as well as a stethoscope to listen through a wall and even obscure surrounding sounds if necessary.

More aggressive and deadly gadget, there is also a blowgun to kill a target using tiny poison darts. According to the testimony of George Langelaan, the job of secret agent therefore has little to do with the adventures of James Bond, which does not prevent him from appreciating these films!

Discover the Spy: A James Bond for real report now on madelen.

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