James Bond: Dying Can Wait Almost Released on Apple or Netflix

The studio behind the James Bond films has contacted some streaming platforms to try to sell them the broadcast of “Die Can Wait”, the next installment in the famous British spy saga, without reaching an agreement.

James bond: dying can wait almost released on apple or netflix

Times change, and Bloomberg As evidenced by this exclusive information that Dying Can Wait, the latest in James Bond’s adventures, could well have been released on a streaming platform! It appears that MGM, which owns the rights to the 007 films, tried to sell a one-year exclusive broadcast of To die can wait to Netflix, Apple and other platforms and not to pass the feature film by the box “cinemas”.

At the microphone of Variety, MGM said it is committed to the theatrical release of Cary Fukunaga’s film, which is expected to be the final James Bond starring Daniel Craig. But the contacts of Variety at rival studios ensure that behind the scenes, discussions between the platforms and the studio have indeed taken place and that the possibility of a direct streaming release has been explored. The firm would like at least $ 600 million, a tidy sum that no one has yet been able to offer.

By pushing the exit of To die can wait (expected in April 2020) due to the closure of cinemas and COVID-19, the MGM studio has already lost between 30 and 50 million dollars. Other studios with less anticipated films (USS Greyhound for Sony, A Prince in New York 2 for Paramount) have agreed to sell their cinema films to the platforms, in particular to stem the flow of money lost due to postponements. Will MGM and the big streaming players come to a compromise?

The sword of Damocles

Specter, the latest James Bond, grossed $ 880 million at the box office. But even when they are reopened, there is no guarantee that spectators will flock to the theaters en masse. With this risk in mind, we can imagine that if the MGM judges that the new opus could bring less than Spectrum when it is released in theaters in March 2021, it can plan to touch with certainty 600 million through platforms.

A further postponement of the reopening of theaters and the costs that would accompany it, could on the other hand overcome the last resistance from certain studios. For the moment, To die can wait is set for March 31, 2021 … hoping that it lasts.

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