James Bond: 8 credits you’ll never hear!

The creation and research of the musical theme of a James Bond film is a passage as essential as it is eagerly awaited. And some (great) talents have also failed in the exercise. Songs we may never have heard!

James bond: 8 credits you'll never hear!

The creation of the musical theme accompanying the opening credits of a James Bond is a ritual as sacred as it is immutable, also setting the tone and the spirit of the film it accompanies. We remember the powerful voice of Tina Turner accompanying the clip of Goldeneye, quite flashy too. Or the melancholy vocal power of singer Adèle, who opened the extraordinary Skyfall.

In the last opus of the 007 saga, No Time To Die, it is for the record the young singer Billie Eilish who accompanies with her vocalizations the last adventures of the secret agent played by Daniel Craig. Here is the official video clip of the film:

If we talk a lot about the talents retained, we talk much less about those who have failed! Sacred names by the way, and songs you may never have heard!

Lana Del Rey – Specter

Thanks to her voice, her style, her class, her universe, everyone expected Lana Del Rey to sign the soundtrack of The Specter of Sam Mendes. Too American? Englishman Sam Smith was chosen, a not so surprising decision, in the tradition ofAdele for Sky Fall. But the young woman had still proposed a title, which in all likelihood landed on her album Honeymoon. The song “24”, beyond the fact that it borrows the number which corresponds to the number of the film, the 24th adventure of James Bond in the cinema, has lyrics which leave little doubt:

There’s only 24 hours in a day / And half of those, you lay awake / With thought of murder and carnageFor the moment, the main interested party has not confirmed that it was indeed the proposed title.

The title of Sam Smith to discover below:

Note also that the British group Radiohead had also composed the musical theme of the film, which was also not retained … “Last year we were asked to write the James Bond theme. Yes, absolutely. It didn’t work out, but we really like this song, which is ours now. At the end of the year we thought you might like to listen to it. Merry Christmas. May the force be with you “ wrote the group on their website in December 2015. Nice gift!

Amy Winehouse – Quantum of Solace

Amy Winehouse’s voice was perfect for playing a James Bond theme. Everyone agreed on that and the producers of Quantum of Solace wanted her and made her a proposal. Yes but here it is … on one condition: that it be sober for the recording and the promotion, so as not to harm the film.

And if a demo was recorded, producer Mark Ronson who worked on it with the young woman revealed that it was never completed and that they had not managed to agree on the direction. to take. Plus, Amy relapsed around the same time. The project therefore fell through and the demo has never leaked to date.

Shirley Bassey also proposed a piece for this film, with composer David Arnold. The latter insists on saying that there was never any question of making it a theme of the film, while we nevertheless fully recognize the James Bond atmosphere, besides the word “Solace” – not frankly. current – is in the lyrics! “Not Good About Goodbye“ended up in the singer’s album The Performance released in 2009.

Blondie – “For Your Eyes Only”

In 1981, Blondie was a hit and was an obvious choice for the soundtrack of Just For Your Eyes. But quickly, the singer of the group, Debbie Harry, realizes that it is her and her voice that interests the production of the film, not the group as a whole. A song is offered to her, which she refuses.

Blondie then composes her own version, which is rejected. A collaboration between Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer is in preparation. It does not see the light of day. It is ultimately Sheena Easton who sticks to it. And no one remembers the title today. Blondie still kept the title “For Your Eyes Only” for their next album, The hunter. A sound that makes you think of … ABBA!

Johnny Cash & Dionne Warwick – “Operation Thunder”

For Operation Thunder in 1965, country star Johnny Cash recorded a song that was not selected. Listening, we must recognize that his Thunderball sounded more western than James Bond. R&B diva Dionne Warwick tried her luck too, with the great John Barry composing the title Mr. Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang. Pure Bond! Only a recycled musical theme remained in the film. Tom Jones won.

The alternate credits with the song by Dionne Warwick:

Ace of Base – “GoldenEye”

The idea seems crazy but listening to the title of the Swedish pop group Ace Of Base, emblematic of the 90s, it is not that much. Their proposal was in any case not ridiculous. Oddly enough, it wasn’t Ace of Base’s song that was rejected, but the band’s American label, Arista, who decided the film wasn’t a strong enough project for them. What ? Remember back then, in 1995, James Bond is no longer the success it was and has become again today. Six years had passed between the last film and GoldenEye and its success was far from assured. The track was reworked and renamed “The Juvenile” for the album Da Capo of Ace of Base, released much later in 2002, while Tina turner was chosen to interpret the theme, which has become one of the most famous.

Alice Cooper – “The Man with the Golden Gun”

Rocker Alice Cooper had been a fan of Ian Fleming’s novels since childhood – the sex scenes fascinated him – and therefore took the opportunity to come up with a theme for the 1974 film with Roger Moore. Liza Minnelli, curiously, provided the backing vocals. But it was refused, for very mysterious reasons. Cooper never knew why, but didn’t hesitate to criticize the decision: “Everyone who listened to our version loved it. They thought she was perfect. The producers included and they thanked us. And then finally they chose Lulu’s, which was nothing. I heard it and I didn’t understand …“The track ended up on Cooper’s album”Muscle of Love“.

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