Jack Reacher on France 3: Dwayne Johnson failed in favor of Tom Cruise

Jack reacher on france 3: dwayne johnson failed in favor of tom cruise

Did you know that Dwayne Johnson was approached for the lead role of “Jack Reacher”? The actor had recently confided that it was the role he most regretted having missed …

It is quite rare for an actor to express regret for a role that has escaped him. It is indeed part of the career of all actors, that of having happy luck and being offered the right role at the right time, but also missing out on great opportunities, for various reasons, very often for incompatibilities of agenda.

Dwayne Johnson spoke on Instagram there is some time to confide in all frankness on a missed role and that he regrets. This is Jack Reacher, broadcast tonight on France 3, and as we know, whose head was finally taken by Tom Cruise.

Dwayne Johnson was asked the following question, to which he answered bluntly, in the video which you can find below: “Is there a role that I really wanted, but lost at the expense of another actor? Yes. That role was Jack Reacher. This actor was Tom Cruise. Business is business, and I’m happy for him. But the planet turns strangely, because I was closed the door, another opened for me with the opportunity to invent a character from zero and which was in my DNA: (…) Luke Hobbs. (…) Thank you. “

It is interesting to see that this missed opportunity, on the other hand, opened the way to another project, with great success, in this case the Fast and Furious franchise.

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Dwayne Johnson had mentioned this anecdote before on social media, adding that this mishap had contributed to him “make you hungry for cinema !

Released on December 26, 2012, the first part of Jack Reacher is adapted from the novel by Lee Child entitled “Folie Folie” (“One Shot” in English), ninth volume of the Jack Reacher saga. “One Shot” was also the first title considered for the film.

The starting point of the film? An armed man utters six shots. Five people are killed. All the evidence points to the man who was arrested. During his interrogation, the suspect only utters one sentence: “Find Jack Reacher.” »Then begins a breathless race to discover the truth, which will lead Jack Reacher to face an unexpected but formidable enemy, who keeps a heavy secret …

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