“It’s the calendar’s fault”: this Marvel series was a failure, but its actor has an excuse

Find out which Marvel actor explains the cancellation of his Netflix series by a misalignment of the schedule.

Remember the year 2014 when we discovered that Netflix was going to do its Avengers by offering separate adventures for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist with the aim of bringing them together in a single series called The Defenders? . Expectations were high!

Overall, the platform has not been undeserved in setting itself apart from Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe by the violence and dark themes of its series. One of them, however, was poorly received and canceled fairly quickly: Iron Fist.

Today, Finn Jones, the interpreter of Danny Rand alias the Iron Fist entrusts to the podcast Geekscape the reasons that according to him led to the cancellation of his series:

The first season was creatively difficult and fell short of expectations. And I think it’s the calendar’s fault. The season was rushed because we had to shoot The Defenders right away. We had to advance our 13 episodes in a defined time, because all the other actors then had their schedules blocked [pour The Defenders].

“We didn’t have the time to do what was expected of us and what was desiredeh”, he continues, “namely a series of incredible martial arts and kung fu that goes off the rails.”


Find Jones an Iron Fist

But once the Defenders miniseries aired, what happened to Iron Fist season 2, which was even more criticized than the first?

“In season 2, we really identified the flaws and worked hard to correct it. In my opinion, we succeeded. We did a wonderful job of putting everything back together.”

Unfortunately, a month after the broadcast of season 2, all the series were canceled because Disney wanted to do theirs (…) on their platform. It’s understandable, but it was a shame because when we were about to start the race, we were held on a leash.

Remember that Iron Fist was the first Marvel / Netflix series to be canceled on October 13, 2018. A week later, Luke Cage followed. Daredevil was announced at the end of November and the latest, Punisher and Jessica Jones, will keep the suspense going until February 2019.

From then on, it was the end of the Defenders. Only Daredevil has reappeared in Disney’s MCU so far,

without costume in Spider-Man: No Way Home and with costume in She-Hulk. A new series will be dedicated to him on Disney+.

Since Iron Fist ended, Finn Jones has appeared in Dickinson alongside Hailee Steinfeld and in Swimming with Sharks with Diane Kruger and Kiernan Shipka.

Now, Iron Fist is available on Disney+.

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