It’s a Sin trailer on CANAL +: the new miniseries from the creator of Years and Years à la TV

After Queer as Folk and Years and Years, Russell T Davies returns with a new jewel: It’s a Sin, centered on 5 young Londoners confronted with AIDS in the 80s. Preview of this moving mini-series which arrives on March 22 on CANAL +

Its a Sin trailer on CANAL the new miniseries

It’s a Sin, from March 22 on CANAL + and available on myCANAL.

For music fans, It’s a Sin is above all one of the flagship singles of the British group Pet Shop Boys. This year, the hit released in 1987 is given a new skin by becoming the title of the new mini-series by Russell T Davies. Well known to fans of series, the Welsh showrunner has brought the world to his feet thanks to Queer as Folk, the revival of Doctor Who and more recently Years and Years. And after this dystopia in six episodes recounting 15 years lived through the eyes of a British family, the screenwriter offers his audience a new punchy mini-series focusing on the beginnings of the AIDS epidemic.

Huge audience success in Great Britain when it was broadcast at the end of January, It’s a Sin arrives on March 22 on CANAL +. The story is that of 18-year-old homosexuals joining London at the very beginning of the 1980s. A departure that rhymes with freedom, joy, dance, friendships and a bouquet of sexual conquests, before the virus hits their daily lives. . Inspired by his own experience, Russell T Davies signs here 5 episodes that plunge us into this pivotal decade, and which take up the challenge of mixing the fervor of the party with the brutality of the disease. Paced by an addictive soundtrack that goes from Bronski Beat to Blondie without forgetting Culture Club, Queen or Wham !, It’s a Sin succeeds in winning us over thanks to the young shoots of its cast. If we find Neil Patrick Harris, Keeley Hawes or Stephen Fry on the screen, we especially discover the little known Olly Alexander, Omari Douglas, Callum Scott Howells, Nathaniel Curtis and Lydia West (seen in Years and Years) in the roles respective of Ritchie, Roscoe, Collin, Ash and Jill. A group of friends who will make you laugh to tears and cry cascading, to find from March 22 on CANAL + and myCANAL.