Italian Cuisine: Top 10 Dishes That Let You Taste The Authentic Flavors Of Italy!

Does your mouth water after seeing it? Italian food recipes with pictures? you’re not alone! One of the world’s most famous dishes holds a special place in the hearts of all travelers and locals around the world. It’s no surprise that Italian restaurants are opening up everywhere, even in small towns you’ve probably never heard of! If you are in Italy, there are dishes that you must try because their taste will never be found anywhere else.

10 Best Dishes to Taste Authentic Italian Cuisine

Have a look here Top 10 Italian Dishes You must try it when you are visiting one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

1. Bottarga

Bottarga Italy

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Described as “Sicilian caviar”, bottarga is made by southern Italians by taking the roe from gray mullets in August and September, adding salt and pressing it, and then leaving it to air-dry for 6 months. What is created is a solid piece of eggshell the color of blood orange and amber, which when grated over pasta or eaten in pieces, creates a wonderfully smoky, delicious and briny bouillon. goes. When it comes to Italian cuisine dishes, bottarga dates back centuries and is now considered one of the most luxurious and sought-after foods in Italy.

2. Fiorentina Steak

Florentine Steak

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Known as Bistecca Fiorentina, the Florentine steak offers all the authentic flavors of the best Italian cuisine. It is a favorite dish throughout Tuscany and a must-try if you are in that part of the country. A thick cut of meat cut from the loin of the Chianina cow in Tuscany, steak is deliciously cooked for about 7 minutes on both sides until cooked through on the outside. However, it remains rare due to the thickness inside. Remember to share the Fiorentina steak with someone – there’s no way you can finish this deliciously thick steak on your own!

3. Ribollita

Ribollita Italy

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On the subject of Tuscany, it would be a big mistake not to mention ribollita, a hearty soup that has become one of the most popular in the world. With roots in the region’s peasant cooking, this nutritious soup is thickened not with meat but with bread. It is considered a special dish in autumn, when the chopped vegetables give the robilita a lively flavor and give it an intense savory taste despite the absence of meat. If you want to taste a dish from traditional Italian food culture, be sure to find a place in Tuscany that serves authentic ribollita.

4. Ossobuco

Ossobuco Italy

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Ossobuco alla Milanese is famous all over the world but bone-in veal shank tastes most amazing in Italy. The shank is slowly cooked over a low heat in a broth of meat stock, vegetables and white wine until it is meltingly tender. This meaty, mouth-watering masterpiece is an excellent example of the genius of Italian cuisine and is a dish you must try while you are in Italy. Ossobuco is usually paired with risotto or polenta, giving you a hearty, healthy meal.

5. Lasagna

Lasagna Italy

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Flat, wide pasta noodles, lasagna is one of the most popular dishes on the Italian food menu and is made in every home across the country. Although people all over the world claim to make the best lasagna, nothing can beat the authentic taste of the dish made in Italy. Transforming from a poor man’s meal to a nutritious meal filled with ragu meat sauce, delicious lasagna originated in the region of Emilia-Romagna. Lasagna was not traditionally made with tomatoes – only béchamel sauce, ragu and cheese, usually Parmigiano Reggiano or mozzarella or a combination of the two. Be sure to try authentic lasagna when you are in Italy and you will never taste it like it anywhere else.

6. Risotto


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If you’ve watched cooking shows, you probably know that risotto is one of the most difficult dishes to cook on an Italian food menu. The rice should not be too soft and should have a little bit of crumb to it to be considered perfect. Undoubtedly, risotto is one of the country’s most iconic dishes. Rice, preferably the Carnaroli and Arborio varieties grown in northern Italy, is cooked and stirred with stock creating a velvety semi-soup. Risotto with saffron alla Milanese is one of the most famous. No matter which type you choose, be sure to order a bowl of risotto to get a taste of traditional Italian culinary history.

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7. Carbonara


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With so many different types of pasta to choose from, it can be a little difficult to choose the best pasta for your trip to Italy. But if there’s one you shouldn’t skip, it’s carbonara. This dish is made with spaghetti, eggs, cured guanciale, pecorino cheese and black pepper. Although it is deceptively simple, it takes years to master and when you taste a good carbonara, it will change your life. To make sure you get a great carbonara taste in Italy, visit a restaurant that is specifically known for serving a great version of this dish.

8. Sicilian Caponata

Sicilian Caponata

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For all the vegetarians out there, Sicilian Caponata Ossobuco alla Milanese is the solution. It would be sacrilegious to call this a blanched eggplant (or brinjal) salad cooked with boiled onions, celery and tomatoes. This dish looks simple, but once you taste it, you get a complex explosion of flavors with the perfect balance of sweet, salty and sour of the dressing. Caponata alla Siciliana is a perfect example of how Italian cooking can transform the simplest vegetables into one of the most delicious dishes you will ever taste.

9. Ice cream

Gelato Italy

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You’ve seen ice-cream brands introducing gelato, but the fact is that nothing beats one of the most popular Italian desserts, where it originated. This dessert is a richer version of ice cream in terms of texture and density and its flavor is also more intense. Gelato is a great choice for weight watchers because it is low in fat. Available in a variety of flavours, this is one of the best Italian desserts that you will taste during your culinary journey in Italy.

10. Panna Kota


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Like tiramisu and gelato, panna cotta is an Italian dessert, but unfortunately it takes a back seat in the spotlight. It really is a luxurious dessert often referred to as ‘cooked cream’. It is a combination of sugar pudding and rich cream mixed with gelatin and softened into a liquid. It is best served with chocolate, caramel or berry coulis. If you’re in Italy, don’t forget to treat yourself to a sweet treat and be sure to sample panna cotta.

Italian cuisine is amazing because each dish is made from the finest ingredients, bringing to light all the beautiful ingredients available in this rich country. So, make sure you taste at least a few of these delicious dishes and enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience on your next vacation in Italy.

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