It all starts here: the pastry championship, the “turbulent” return of Noémie… The…

Present at the Monte-Carlo Festival last weekend with the actors of “Here everything begins”, producer Sarah Farahmand tells us more about what the TF1 soap opera has in store for us this summer, from the pastry championship to the return of Noemie.

Allociné: We are coming out of a very beautiful intrigue on the Teyssiers during which the couple was somewhat undermined. What was your desire with this arch ofHere it all starts ? Was the goal to put Constance a little more forward?

Sarah Farahman (producer): Yes, we really wanted to work on this character. We love Sabine Perraud and we love Constance. We didn’t want to damage it too much either. And that’s why if you’re very attentive, she doesn’t deceive Teyssier. It is he who is not listening to her.

We also thought that she was probably a fairly identifying character for the public because she does not have a passion for cooking like all the others. In my opinion, forty-year-old women who see that their children have less need of her and who have to reinvent themselves a little, this is a situation that happens. We wanted Constance to gain depth, energy and anger. Besides, Sabine played it really well.

There was also a little fantasy side I think because many women have probably dreamed of being the muse of a boy. And it’s true Zacharie says everything we want to hear. We really played it hard.

And then we know the success of the Teyssier family. We love it too. They are our twisted family and at the same time our main family in the series. I have a total passion for the scene where Charlène and Théo come to tell their father that they will be his clerks. The scene is violent but super enjoyable! We say to ourselves “Oh la la, the family reunited” (laughs) I love this sequence.

What can you say about what awaits the Teyssier family this summer?

There will be a national pastry championship in which Teyssier will participate. Afterwards, I won’t tell you who will accompany him among the students.

We saw Julie Sassoust (Anaïs) on social networks in a contest outfit…

There are several teams participating, so it is not certain that Anaïs is with Teyssier.

The return of Noémie, played by Lucia Passanitiis it related to this competition?

Yes that’s it. Noémie returns the time of an ark but she’s not going to have a very peaceful return. It’s going to be hectic for her. For us, it’s important to say that even when a character is no longer in Here it all begins, he can come back. As far as she is concerned, we will see her again very fulfilled, in full professional ascent. It is also a beautiful destiny that we ellipsis but that we are resuming today.

The ark on the baking competition is therefore the main ark of this summer?

This is the Ark A arena of the summer. Obviously, there will be quite a few other stories that will unfold this summer. Some quite light, others more intense. But the baking championship is the arena, the reason and the circumstances. A lot of other things are going to happen and it’s a very, very rich arc.

We leave the usual ITC framework in the physical sense of the term since we are not at the institute. We are going to discover our characters in another place and get out of the genres discussed, I would say.

It all starts here: the pastry championship, the "turbulent" return of noémie... The...

What about the triangle Alex, Salomé and Jasmine. Will it continue in the coming weeks?

We are coming to the end of this triangle. For us, Axel really chose Jasmine. He found in her the best coach and the best support he could dream of to succeed in this championship. What he wants is to prove to his father, his mother, his uncle but also to himself that he deserves to be there. And the person who believes in him the most is Jasmine. That’s what helps him and makes him fall in love with her. In our opinion, it is a couple that works very well.

Besides, we have never seen Jasmine so happy. In one year, she still went through ten years of life ordeals. Seeing her finally in love, pampered by a boy she admires and who supports her, who doesn’t judge her and who doesn’t remind her of her illness or the fact that having a child at twenty is different, is very important to her.

This is not a couple that we want to damage. Afterwards, he had a crush on Salomé and it didn’t go away overnight. So there is always a little ambiguity in the air and Jasmine will always be jealous of Salomé.

Jasmine is currently at the heart of the intrigue on the end of year exams. She was fired by Teyssier with several other students. Are the characters really in danger and could leave the series as was the case for Jérémy, Élodie and the Rivière sisters last year?

These are the exams so there are often characters in danger. Last year there were only first graders but this year we don’t know. But yes, all the characters are potentially in danger.

This summer, are we going to meet, like last year with Solal and Ambre, characters from the new season a little before the competition?

No, not this year. The new ones will arrive at the time of the competition.

There are a lot of rumors right now because of the new credits. For example, Bruno Putzulu no longer appears there. Does that mean he’s going away?

We make two generics a year. We try to change. The idea is to highlight different characters. Guillaume is no longer in the credits but we have added Lionel, Kelly and Ambre who are important characters. The purpose of the credits is that we see the actors. It’s really important that it works.

It’s true that at the beginning we changed the characters very little because we wanted there to be benchmarks for the public. After a year and a half, we can afford to put more characters forward. Here it all begins is not a series with leading and supporting roles. For us, everyone is equally important. It would, however, be naive to say that all the characters appeal to the public. There are figureheads but it also rotates according to the arches as well as the time of presence on the screen. There, it was time for Kelly, Lionel and Amber to be part of it.

It all starts here: the pastry championship, the "turbulent" return of noémie... The...

On the other hand, we know that Rebecca Benhamour will be absent. Does it come out of the credits because we will see it less this summer?

She comes out of a big arch. She has a pause behind indeed. She was very present and we needed room for the others.

So there is no definitive departure?

No, there is no departure.

For the past few days, Rose has been concentrating on a new objective: to create a master’s degree within the institute. Is this something that you had in mind for a long time in order to keep the third year students on the show a little longer?

It’s an idea that we had and that we acted on this winter. We asked ourselves the questions: what are we doing? Have we made the rounds of these characters? Today, we have four who are in their final year. Will the four make the master? Well, you’ll have to watch to find out. Will other students join them for the master’s? It’s a possibility.

We hadn’t yet told everything about Anaïs, Charlène, Enzo and Salomé. We thought for a moment, saying to ourselves that they were going to set up a restaurant. It’s an idea that we abandoned because we risked having a story within a story. We had a lot Glee in reference, well especially me because I’m a fan of the series (laughs). Each time, I say to myself “Teyssier is Sue Silvester”. In Glee, they did that. We really had the impression that there were two parallel stories that didn’t have much of a link (from season 4, editor’s note). And it wasn’t something that we felt was a good idea on a daily series.

In the end, we opted for this option. It also allowed us to breathe new life into the character of Rose because it was her idea. If she manages to lead it to the end, we will see how she holds this master. We love this character. She doesn’t cook, so there’s something a little less natural about the stories. On the other hand, what we said to ourselves is that Rose is a novelist. He is someone who has extraordinary creativity and sensitivity. It is this fiber that she will pass on to the students. All its legitimacy will come from there and it was quite obvious that Rose carries this formation.

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