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It all starts here discover the first images of Ethan

The entrance examination to the Auguste Armand Institute is fast approaching in “Here everything begins”. And in the next episodes, viewers will meet one of the new students: Ethan Cardone, the son of Chief Cardone.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the next episodes of Here it all begins! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

The start of the new school year promises to be eventful in Here it all starts ! With the entrance examination which begins next week and the inauguration of the master’s which will take place in September, viewers will soon discover many new characters at the Auguste Armand Institute.

And it happens very quickly, since from August 26, fans of the soap opera will meet the first protagonist who will join the new promotion of the prestigious culinary establishment: Ethan Cardone (Rik Kleve), the son of Chief Cardone (Alexandra Vandernoot).

TF1 has already published a short portrait of the character and one thing is certain, he already looks formidable: “fierce competitor, Ethan sees himself as number 1 or nothing. He learned the importance of respecting his peers and obeying the orders of a squad thanks to his mother. Ethan also lives with this pressure not to disappoint her because she expects excellence from him.

If Ethan Cardone takes his first steps at the institute at the end of the week, the channel has already unveiled the first images of his arrival in the soap opera.


In a new exclusive excerpt available on MYTF1Ethan accidentally bumps into Axel (Thomas DaCosta) when he comes down the stairs. Immediately, the young man apologizes but Teyssier’s nephew assures him that everything is fine. He then takes the opportunity to ask him for the direction of Antoine Myriel’s office because he wishes to submit his registration file.

Then, the two young men introduce themselves to each other without specifying their surnames. Ethan starts asking Axel about the institute, thinking he’s already a student, which he isn’t. They then quickly understand that they will be competitors during the competition which will take place next week.

Again, Ethan assumes he also came to apply, but his case is a bit more complicated than that. Axel continues to hide his relationship with Chief Teyssier and only assures him that he knows a little about the house. So, the young man seizes the opportunity to ask him if he could show him around, which he accepts right away.

By introducing him to the premises of the institute, Axel understands that his new acquaintance is going to be a formidable competitor during the competition. Indeed, according to News News, the nephew Teyssier is very impressed by the excellent technique of Ethan who knows all the recipes of Auguste Armand. It must be said that chef Cardone had to teach her son many culinary techniques since childhood.

Moreover, Annabelle seems, against all odds, aware of his ambition to integrate the institute of Calvières since she took him to file his registration file, which does not bode well. Viewers know it, the chef is at the head of several major cooking schools, so why would she let her son take the competition for the establishment whose director is her rival?

Finally, it could be that all this is yet another scheme by Chef Cardone to harm Chef Teyssier (Benjamin Baroch) and the reputation of the Auguste Armand institute, because she asks her son to crush the nephew of chef Teyssier when they are opponents during the competition.

So, will Ethan listen to his mother? What are his real intentions? Will Axel fail the competition because of him? Answer in the next episodes ofHere it all starts.

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