It all starts here: Charlène, Marta… who is Célia’s stalker?

Targeted by a stalker for several days, Célia lives a real nightmare in “Here everything begins”. But who is harassing the young woman? Here are our theories on what happens next.

Warning, this article contains many spoilers on the next episodes of Here it all begins. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

If it all started with a simple burglary, Célia (Rebecca Benhamour) is actually the target of a mysterious stalker in Here it all starts. As the days progress, the latter increases the pressure and seems determined to make the young woman’s life a living hell.

But who can blame Celia so much? Here are our theories on what happens next.

It all starts here: charlène, marta... Who is célia's stalker?


Barely arrived in Calvières, Axel (Thomas Da Costa) has already proven what he is capable of by not hesitating to force the door of a car to free a dog locked up for several hours. But that’s not all since he also stole a speaker to resell it on the net in order to make a little money to help his brother. What makes him the ideal culprit.

Could he have robbed Celia on behalf of his uncle? If so far everything accuses him, Axel will finally be cleared in the episode which will be broadcast this evening on TF1. Indeed, the young man spent Friday afternoon with Salomé to learn how the institute works. With such an alibi, Axel cannot therefore be Celia’s burglar or her stalker.


It’s no secret that Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche) takes a very dim view of the relationship between Théo (Khaled Alouach) and Célia. And as the most ruthless professor of Calvières likes to poke his nose into the love stories of his children, he has taken it into his head to separate them. It must be said that he already has a certain know-how in the matter since he had done the same thing with Charlène (Pola Petrenko) and Louis (Fabian Wolfrom).

If Teyssier had first removed his son from the Easter menu to keep him away from Célia, the rebellion of the students of the institute for Theo to recover his place undermined his plans and forced him to reconsider his decision. .

Faced with this failure, could Teyssier have robbed Célia and then harassed her in order to destabilize her and make her leave the brigade? Emmanuel has an annoying tendency to sink into Machiavellianism as soon as things don’t turn out the way he wants. Despite everything, by his own admission, he wouldn’t need to work so hard to push Celia to make a mistake. Little chance therefore for him to hide behind the stalker.


The relationship between Célia and Charlène has never been good. And inevitably, the fact that the Gaissac girl stole her best friend’s boyfriend is not really likely to calm the situation. At war with Célia, Charlène has the profile of a culprit, especially since she has at least two credible motives. Thus, she could have wanted to avenge Marta (Sarah Fitri) but also to recover her place at the head of the brigade of the Easter menu.

Besides, it won’t take long for Charlene to be in Célia’s sights.

In the next episodes of Here it all begins, Celia will be drugged without her knowledge. As Charlène has already drugged Theo in the past, it is therefore not surprising that she is suspected of having put sleeping pills in her friend’s gazpacho and of being his stalker.


Deeply hurt since her breakup with Théo, Marta is perhaps the one who has the most reason to want to attack Célia.

Indeed, the young woman experienced a real humiliation by discovering the adventure of Théo and Célia. Although she left the institute for a few weeks to take stock of her life, she could very well have used this time to organize her revenge against the woman who broke up her marriage.

And as nothing is ever left to chance in Here it all begins, Sara Fitri will make her comeback in the series on April 4th. The timing raises questions and inevitably leads to turning all the spotlight on her.

Who from Teyssier, Charlène or Marta is Celia’s stalker? Should we imagine another person whose identity is still unknown to us? The next few weeks should in any case be rich in revelations and twists.

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