It all starts here: before playing Axel, Thomas Da Costa wanted to become a magician! – News…

Actor and singer, Thomas Da Costa, who recently joined “Here everything begins” in the role of Axel Teyssier, also has another hidden talent that we do not necessarily suspect. And thanks to which he discovered a passion for comedy.

It all starts here: before playing axel, thomas da costa wanted to become a magician! - news...

Present in Here it all starts for several weeks now in the role of Axel Teyssier, the director’s nephew played by Benjamin Baroch, Thomas DaCosta landed her first television role thanks to TF1’s successful daily culinary soap opera.

“I was a little apprehensive because it was a real leap into the unknown for me. And I was immediately very well received by the whole team and by all the actors”, recently confided the young actor to our microphone about his arrival in the cast of Here it all begins.

“[Benjamin Baroche] messaged me even before I arrived on set. He was great with me. We took some time to meet with all the members of the Teyssier family. We all went to eat together before my first day of filming so it feels good, it makes you feel comfortable”.

And if Thomas Da Costa already presents himself as a multi-faceted artist, since he recently released the title “Avion Mode” which prefigures an upcoming rap EP, the interpreter of Axel Teyssier also has another more surprising talent. which, quite unexpectedly, ended up leading him to theater and comedy. And so towards his budding acting career.

“I did a lot of magic when I was very young”Thomas Da Costa explained to us in an interview. “I even wanted to make it my job at some point. And it was also through magic that I came to theater and acting in general. Because I wanted to improve my presence on stage as a magician. Know how to place my voice, move my body”.

It all starts here: before playing axel, thomas da costa wanted to become a magician! - news...

And so it was through the Cours Florent that he discovered a real passion for acting, texts, and the stage. “I signed up for Cours Florent thinking basically just of acquiring techniques to be more comfortable on stage. And it was really when I arrived at Cours Florent that I realized that what I liked about above all it was the texts, and embodying a character. So I changed my path a little thanks to this school”.

And if a parallel career as a magician à la Eric Antoine no longer seems to be on the agenda for the young actor from Here it all begins, he has not completely forgotten his love for magic. And in fact still sometimes enjoy his relatives and friends in a private setting. “I continue to do magic occasionally, in the evening, but much less than before”.

A hidden talent that he may show one day in the TF1 soap opera, who knows. Just like his passion for music and rap for that matter. After all, Florence Costewho notably participated in the tele-hook The Voice, pushed the song a little earlier this year during a sequence in which Laetitia declared her love to Guillaume (Bruno Putzulu) resuming Sunburn by Richard Cocciante.

In the meantime, fans of Here it all begins will be able to continue to witness the rapprochement between Axel and Salomé (Aurelie Pons). Much to Jasmine’s annoyance (Zoï Severin), who completely fell for Teyssier’s nephew.

“Jasmine is really bitten, she will do a lot to get closer to him. Is it mutual? Not sure. For Axel, it may be something else”Thomas Da Costa recently teased us about this new plot. “Axel and Salomé will share a moment at the ball. And this intrigue about Axel, Jasmine, and Salomé will continue in the weeks that follow”.

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