It all starts here: Anaïs’ choice for the baby, her future after the institute… The…

While Anaïs is still in the midst of a dilemma about her pregnancy in “Here everything begins”, Julie Sassoust tells us more about the current plot, Anaïs’ possible abortion, and her future after the institute, once his studies completed.

AlloCiné: Recently, viewers ofHere it all starts attended the prom which turned into a disaster and which had important consequences for Anaïs. How did you experience the filming of these spectacular episodes?

Julie Sassoust : It was great, like when we shot the explosion at the institute last year. It mobilizes a lot of people, it’s always crazy to see everyone’s work, whether in terms of technique, sets or costumes. We are always very excited to see the end result.

Afterwards, of course it was very tiring to shoot, because the days were long, we often finished very late, but at least we were all in an energy where we wanted to do something good. And besides, seeing the result on the air, we were delighted and proud. Especially since I have the impression that the public liked it. With my comrades, we wondered, for example, how they were going to make the ball fall, and what it was going to look like on the screen. And the result is truly impressive.

Taken to hospital after the disaster, Anaïs learned that she was pregnant. What was your reaction when you discovered what the authors had in store for you?

Initially, I was very surprised. And at the same time I was happy because I wondered what was going to happen for Anaïs and Lisandro, and what decision Anaïs was going to make. I think it’s really important to address this kind of subject in a series like Here it all begins. Authors often do it, with controversial themes, and I think it’s great.

There it is a question of abortion, and I find it interesting, as for the vegan ark, that it can create debate within families, between young and old. Maybe it won’t change all mentalities. But it is important, for the young people who watch us, to know that they have a choice and that we can always discuss it. Especially at the moment, in the midst of a period when abortion is completely questioned in certain countries. Obviously, there are nuances, it’s not easy to make this kind of decision and to know what you want to do. But in any case we have the choice to do so.

It all starts here: anaïs' choice for the baby, her future after the institute... The...

The announcement of this pregnancy was a shock for Anaïs. At first she seemed determined not to keep the baby, but eventually she was faced with a dilemma. Could his desire for a child, and that of Lisandro, take precedence over his professional future?

No, it will be very complicated for Anaïs to make a decision. Initially, she is shocked by the news, she doesn’t really know how she feels. She takes time to discuss her doubts with Lisandro. Because he is immediately very happy, which prevents Anais from discussing the situation with him.

But compared to that, Anaïs will always try to weigh the pros and cons. We must not forget that she is 21 years old, that she has her whole future ahead of her, and that Lisandro already has a child. She’s going to have a hard time making a decision. It will last a few more weeks.

The plot will therefore extend until June?

Yes, another two weeks I would say. A lot of things are going to happen. There is the baby, but there is also Le Sybarite with Lauren Belvaux, the relationship with Lisandro, the decision. And everything that will happen next for them.

In the next episodes, Anaïs will go to the doctor with Salomé. Will she finally opt for an abortion?

Not necessarily because Salomé tells her that it’s good that she at least goes to see the gynecologist. For information and information. Maybe that will help him make his final decision, of course. But it also lets her know how long she has to abort. And it’s important, again, to show that on the screen.

How much time do we have for an abortion, whether it’s medicated or by abortion. All this information is given and that’s why Anaïs goes to see the gynecologist who is best placed to answer her questions.

It all starts here: anaïs' choice for the baby, her future after the institute... The...

Could all the questions generated by this pregnancy end up jeopardizing the couple that Anaïs forms with Lisandro?

Anaïs and Lisandro have already been through a lot. They had already separated during the vegan ark so I hoped that it would not go in the direction of a breakup again. Because even if the public likes twists and turns, they also appreciate when it’s calm and solid for the emblematic couples of the series (laughs).

The writers really wanted to address the relationship of this different age couple. How one will react to the other. For Lisandro it’s complicated, it’s not him who has the child in his stomach, so he can sometimes be clumsy. Anaïs, this is the first time this has happened to her. So there were a lot of things to deal with within the couple, the breakup was not necessarily possible. And with Agustin Galiana we were hoping it wouldn’t go that way.

Would you like to see Anaïs become a mother? It would bring a whole bunch of rather unexpected intrigues…

Yes, I would like that. Even if there is already a baby in Here everything starts with Naël. And we see in terms of schedules and filming conditions that it’s complicated to have a baby on set, so it’s something to take into account (laughs). But after that it is sure that it is always interesting to play.

In real life, I’m 26, I’m not a mom at all, it’s not something that exists in my head. So it would be nice to play I think. But also to learn from young mothers who have been able to experience a bit the same thing as Anaïs. It can be very interesting, so why not.

You are currently filming the episodes for the end of the school year. Do you already know what awaits Anaïs in the coming months and at the start of the school year?

Yes, I know what awaits him at the start of the school year. It’s going to be something positive that triggers something new for her. But I can’t talk about it, hence the vagueness of my sentences (laughs). But it will include several people who will be part of Anaïs’ future.

Last year, you were very little present in the summer ark. Will we see you more in the summer intrigue this year?

Yes, I am part of the summer arch this year. So I will be seen a lot on screen.

Recently, Sarah Fitri, the interpreter of Marta, said goodbye to the series. After Clement Remiens and Lucia Passanitiwas it another hard blow for you and for the whole team?

It always feels a bit like a family member is leaving. Especially since we started on the series together. Sarah is really my friend in life, we continue to see each other, to talk to each other. And I’m sure we’ll meet again on other projects.

This adventure goes by so quickly, we’ve been here for two years already, so it’s normal that there is turnover. But it’s always sad to see someone leave because it changes everyday life. You have to readapt without that person on set.

It all starts here: anaïs' choice for the baby, her future after the institute... The...

Do you have any wishes for Anaïs’ future? More scenes with Aurelie Pons and Azize Diabate maybe, to reform the original trio?

I still have a lot of scenes with Aurélie, but it’s true that I’ve been touring less with Azize for some time. But the good news is that, yes, we will find this original trio a little, which will be together a lot in the rest of the series. Authors write things along these lines.

And if not, I would still like us to finally discover Anaïs’ family. I repeat it every time (laughs). That we know where she comes from, who her parents are, what her family history is. It would be interesting. With what she is going through at the moment, one could have imagined that she would contact her parents in particular. This may be the case off. And beyond that, I tell myself that meeting Lisandro could be interesting too.

Do you have any projects outside of the series?

For the moment I am fully on Here everything begins. But of course I can’t wait to be able to do things on the side, whether in the cinema or on platforms. But the series requires a lot of investment and time so I’m investing myself so for the moment I’m totally concentrating on Here it all begins.

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