Israel is winning on the world stage, but losing the plot at home

Israel is winning on the world stage, but losing the plot at home

“We know that the moment may well be a beautiful day. Let overcome some political divide us. Let us put the cynicism of decline. From this day we feel the pulse of history, “he said last Tuesday.” For a long time after the pandemic has gone in peace we can not allow this. ”

The regulation deals with the feathers in the latest leader who marched it’s been recently winning streak in Silesia. From the outside, but Israel has been thrown a mighty image of the country, a small weight on a global level and above, even punching, the innovative ‘start-up nation, “one of the thousands of tech firms to attract foreign investment in the billions each year.

Neither it’s a different story, however. According to the first wave of tuberculosis coronavirus was eclipsed in Israel since the days of old, the second region compel lockdown general schools are shuttered, restaurants, entertainment venues and more. And while most pressing coronavirus can be a challenge to Netanyahu now, it’s far from the only one. The 70 years old leader was attacked from the left and the right, not only for its handling public health crisis, but because it had a financial statement in response to his criminal trials and more.

“We have a dysfunctional government, the White House ceremonies in producing good, the bad and running the country,” said the leader Yair Lapid. “This is the worst failure ever experienced Netanyahu and practice with it … or because of it.”

At home, abroad increased weekly time declared Prime Minister in Jerusalem, where they are said to be coming out of the thousands and the longest serving leader in Israel to resign. The angry crowd was not deterred by the political steady barrage of Netanyahu’s attack by partners, which held a sign reading “Minister crimes” and “Bibi Go Home.” This past weekend, protesting that Israel reimposed in the first general lockdown, eleven protesters were police said.

Unemployment remains around 19%, the unemployment Service Israel and the frail economy will suffer another stroke current lockdown. (Central Bureau of Statistics, which uses a different set of criteria for determining unemployment, the current rate is between 10.4% and 11.8%.)

The restaurant owners to face frustrated when they took away the farmer threatens to maintenance platforms on the floor in protest. Some are more defiant, saying they plan to open for business.

“No one cares for us, so we have to care for themselves,” Israel told him the restaurateur Yoni Kann News. “We do not have one of our most basic rights – farmer in this sense there is nothing else to do because he’ll”.

Two Gulf nations recognized Israel at the White House.  Here & # 39;  So what & # 39;  s on both sides, for all things in it,

It’s not just restaurateurs, defying his orders lockdown control. Many, indeed, if the violence is a tradition of the police and seven thousand and was about to be led into a holiday of Israel out of a little bit away from Lucius, Magri was profitable to you, according to the police, speaking Micky Rosenfeld, the.

Significantly, in the commanders, by the greatest enthusiasm even before his dead, to get rid of the two are distinguished. However, Netanyahu stressing the importance of social and removed from wearing masks, some of his ministers’ But there is no lids in it and assemblies and the two sides have been accused Netanyahu of violating custom and quarantine for the last week.

The lockdown mode of a study on bureaucratic legalese, often pot and plucked at the last second so as not to anger, Netanyahu’s ultra-Orthodox a company or any other group with its own interests and goals, which the Prime Minister decides he can not afford everything.

Israel’s current government is the largest in the country’s 72-year history, a so-called unity government that would – at least in learning – the two main political parties, the Likud party, Netanyahu alternate Prime Minister Benny Gantz Black and White party. And jealousy State Albinus, about 34 ministers and 8 deputy ministers was fabricated by the Son, and the bursting of the existing service to create additional jobs in the civil and fill that instead of alternate Prime Minister and the Ministry of Higher Education and water resources.

And yet despite the size of government, not only remains as a one man show. Or the Minister of Defense was not informed of his Foreign Minister, Netanyahu – Benny Gantz and that – with the consent of the United States publicly announced, saying among themselves that they would leak to the news.

The government specifically designed to treat coronavirus in a crisis, under oath, was officially May 17. On that day, just 11 new cases recorded from Israel Covid 19, according to Ministry of Health data. , And 3.403 of the active region of the pores of the cases, the patients were on the other side 44, of the sum of 16.617 cases.

Full text of the law of Abraham Accords and agreements between Israel and the United States / Bahrain

At the time, critics quipped that the government minister can be placed next to each patient on a ventilator.

Four months after Israel declared unity government, he has an exceedingly failed the first scenario. Wednesday morning, there were 54,322 cases of the most active in Israel, from 200,041 cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Ministry of Health recorded 171 new cases Tuesday 6.861 patients on ventilators. During the beleaguered country’s hospital system, 634 patients were in serious condition.

“God of Israel most pessimistic crowns because of the crisis and the perceived economic mismanagement faces health crisis,” said Yohanan Plesner, President of the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI). It is the old politician, Plesner is said to be what they had seen, as he’s not the difficulties between the current government is.

A recent survey showed the IDI Israel, which signify support coordination with the United States, but that does not rely on the government of translated into a sense of confidence to the future in their homeland. About two-thirds of Israelis believe the national limit, or even spare very pessimistic pessimistic, according to the results of survey conducted by the Guttman Institute midges and prepared for the Center for Research and Public Policy.

“Of course, it should be a government of unity our country claims to be critical for the post-create the necessary reforms to prepare for the crown of the era of government, that it’s a total paralysis,” said Plesner.

I have also shown, however, by a bold Netanyahu was known to his faith will be the final term is Jupiter, the good of the citizens of Israel since that endeavor, the purpose of certifying that you are the hands of. “The main health I tell you that the economy is in our hands. It is a responsibility – as persons and mutual guarantee. Not only that, but the waste will be coronavirus,” Netanyahu said.

Israel is going on a nationwide lockdown second Covid 19;

Netanyahu boasted of making peace among the 29 Arab two days, from September 13 to September 11. During the same time period, about 62,000 miles of Israel were diagnosed with Covid 19, while 446 citizens died of the disease. But last week, Netanyahu when he was asked to bear the blame for failure on the shoulder as the man they contain; He replied: “There are failures, not only achievements. ”

The president’s comments marked by strikingly different in tone as Reuben Rivlin After a few days, when Israel offered a forthright apology for the failure of their leaders to lead the country’s head of state in the nation.

“I know that this will not be enough to be worthy of attention leaders like you. You trusted us and you,” said Rivlin. “You, the citizens of Israel deserves the safety net that gives you. Decision-makers, government office, it is necessary not only to plan and implementers – to save lives, to reduce infection, to deliver medication. Sense of it quite clearly.”

Israel’s public health policy if the fire is even more its economic function, policy-sclerotic. Transierunt MMXVIII in ultima patriae esset budget et Gantz Netanyahu eius et non poterant adire ad consensum novum unum mensem, ita quod simpliciter rem esse voluit pro paucos menses ad imperium ad utilitates suas observatio natavit. The division shall be upon the head of the Ministry of Finance the budget of Job he says: how are they esteemed as in the ministry of health should be saved by looking at joining the army of his fighting men, broke the public, while they go from a few months before, had. I wrote letters of resignation furnace and the differences among the country’s leadership or lack thereof.

The high position of Israel’s Prime Minister, one is the number becomes a problem. Netanyahu’s biggest issue is what happened, and charged with fraud and breach of trust and bribery. The judicial system continues to meet the general manager had to protect the innocence of the accusations of an attempted left wing tank.

Will be in our hands in January trial begins with a panel of judges will begin hearing from witnesses. It is difficult to imagine a White House ceremony loud enough to draw attention away from the criminal proceedings.

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