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To help you make your choices, here are the 7 films of the week best rated by the press on AlloCiné!*

1er: Professor Yamamoto retires – 4/5

“The film is split into two parts which come together towards the same vulnerability: that of the treatment of mental illnesses, provided by a character of precious gentleness.” By Arnaud Hallet (Les Inrockuptibles)

“Soda’s method and that of Yamamoto, everyday cinema and everyday psychiatry, seem to meet in an ideal way because their patience, their tenderness and their monotony bring them together.” By Luc Chessel (Liberation)

2nd out of a tie : Nostalgia – 3.6/5

“Not a mafia film, no, but a melancholy, bitter and moving ghost film, which could easily be put alongside those of Clint Eastwood.” By Christophe Caron (The Voice of the North)

“The shadow of the Mafia hangs over this drama inspired by ancient tragedies and carried by the presence of its main actor, the formidable Pierfrancesco Favino.” By Céline Rouden (La Croix)

2nd out of a tie : The survivors – 3.6/5

“To succeed in his social film bet dealing with human and migratory themes, Guillaume Renusson uses the codes of genre cinema, between western and survival, to address these subjects deeply rooted in the problems of our society.” by Louis Verdoux (CNews)

“Denis Ménochet, a fragile and desperate colossus, is immense in this great political film.” By Xavier Leherpeur (L’Obs)

4th: Radio Metronome – 3.5/5

“(…) a remarkable direction of actors who, down to the smallest roles, have a lot to do with the feeling of disturbing, ambiguous and immersive truth that emerges from the film.” By Jean-Philippe Domecq (Positive)

“The staging, already remarkable, and willingly truffaldian, in the candor and sensuality of a tender age of the 70s, then becomes asphyxiating, terrorizing: you have to swing your friends to get out of it, become a snitch. ” By Guillemette Odicino (Telerama)

5th out of a tie : Skirmishers – 3.4/5

“A humanist but humble film, which seeks to show, not to demonstrate.” By the editorial staff (Le Parisien)

“Certainly the educational ambition that underlies such a project sometimes takes precedence over the cinema but without damaging its emotional power, just because it is never forced.” By Thierry Cheze (Premiere)

5th out of a tie : come to see – 3.4/5

“Venez voir is perhaps the best film by Jonás Trueba, as well as the one that helps to defuse the reproaches that we could, a little easily, impute to his cinema.” By Josué Morel (Cahiers du Cinéma)

“Short – a little over an hour – both charming and slightly insignificant – it’s the interplay of these chronicles as if taken from life -, “Venez voir” confirms the filmmaker’s talent for capturing the melancholy that is born in the eyes of his muse, the sublime Itsaso Arana.” By Yannick Vely (Paris Match)

5th out of a tie : This summer – 3.4/5

“Proof that popular cinema can sometimes aim straight and simply let emotion win our backs without artificially indicating the way.” By Thomas Aidan (The Seventh Obsession)

“By drawing inspiration from a Japanese comic strip, by placing his camera at the level of schoolgirls on leave, Lartigau made a success of his Summer of 42.” By Eric Neuhoff (Le Figaro)

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* According to the notes of the AlloCiné barometer, on Friday January 6, 2022, for films released in theaters on January 4 with at least 10 press reviews. This top does not include films already released once or several times in France.

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