Is This Boy Wrong To Ask His Mother To Give Up Her Parental Rights?

I want to believe that most people who become parents would never dream of handing over their teenager to someone else, but the reality of the foster care system proves me wrong.

It’s still hard to imagine, though the 15yo in this case is also experiencing it firsthand.

His parents divorced when he was 3, after his mother had an affair. She moved in with the affair partner and they are still together; his father is also remarried.

Okay I (15m) have a stepmom Carrie (46f).She has been my stepmom since I was 6.My mom and dad divorced when I was 3 after he caught my mom cheating,my mom then moved in with her affair partner Tim.

Tim has always been a huge prick at first he seemed nice but then after he and my mom got married he became extremely rude and he always tried to get me to call him dad even though he knows I hate him.

He lived with his mother and stepfather for awhile and hated how he was treated in their house.

Eventually he moved in with his father and stepmother instead.

Tim would say things like “I stepped up to take care of you while your deadbeat father stood around and did nothing so call me dad” even though my dad had most of the custody and Tim never even did anything to take care of me.

Like when I was 10 and it was raining I called him and asked him to pick me up from school but he told me to shut up and he was watching football so I had to walk home in a t-shirt and shorts while it was raining and then when I got home my mom yelled at me for being wet.

When I was 13 I had enough and went to live with my dad full time and I refuse to see my mom or Tim.As far as I’m concerned they are dead to me because they treated me like s*%t for years.

His stepmother has been great to him and OP considers her his “real” mom. With some recent health issues plaguing his father, OP’s stepmother offered to adopt him so he could legally remain with her if the worst were to happen.

My stepmom Carrie always helped me escape from my mom and Tim’s toxicity.When I was little she would read me bedtime stories and would play with me.She is an amazing person and I consider her to be my real mom. Last year my dad got sick and he is worried that he may not live so Carrie brought up the idea of adopting me so I won’t have to go live with my mom and Tim if my dad dies.

OP agreed and his mother signed away her parental rights without even hemming and hawing about it.

They asked me how I felt and I said absolutely and we immediately signed the adoption papers, my mother than gave up her parental rights to me and honestly I was happy but also sad because it meant she didn’t care about me.

Recently, though, OP’s stepfather came over and made a scene, demanding OP return to his “real” home.

OP’s father and stepmother threatened to call the police and he left, but now OP is wondering if it was wrong of him to say yes when his stepmother wanted to adopt him.

The conflict comes up though because yesterday Tim showed up at my dad’s house and demanded that I go to my mom’s with him .I told him no and to f**k off and he got angry and said “I’m your father you little c**t so get your a$$ over here and go back to your real parents house”.

By this point my dad came out and threatened to call the police so he left.

Now Carrie and my dad are getting shit from my bio mom’s family on social media for her adopting me.So I wanna know was I wrong to let Carrie adopt me.

Am I the a$$hole?

Reddit’s going to be here for this kid, so let’s hear what they have to say!

The top comment wonders why the stepfather thinks this method would work on literally anyone.

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A few people wondered whether or not there might be something OP doesn’t know…

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Lots of commenters think a restraining order is probably the way to go.

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Or if mom’s regrets are mostly financial in nature.

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Everyone is firm in their belief that blood doesn’t make a family, and wishes OP the best.

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I hope nothing happens to his dad and he’s able to happily live with two loving parents for a good long time.

Would you have struggled to ask one of your parents to give up their rights? Tell us in the comments why or why not!

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