Is Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour concert movie streaming?

Movie theaters needed a superhero this month, and Miracle Still a few weeks away. However, Taylor Swift may be just the hero theater owners were asking for, thanks to her new concert film, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, Swift’s fans, who call themselves Swifties, have already ensured that the film will be a blockbuster success with an opening weekend that will include many recent superhero films – such as shine And blue beetle – To feel shy. Swift didn’t even need superpowers to do it.

eras tour Swift’s sold-out performances at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California were filmed over three nights, and are a roughly three-hour experience. For many Swift fans, seeing it in a movie theater is the only affordable option. But even those who saw Swift’s concert in person are eager to see it again on the big screen. The big question now is whether fans at home have a streaming option Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, And we’ve got the answer below.

Is Taylor Swift: The Era’s Tour Streaming?

Taylor Swift in concert for The Era's Tour.
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No, not yet. But it’s set to have one of the biggest opening weekends at the box office this year. Presales alone are already in Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour At around $100 million. Suffice it to say, Swifties are going to dominate movie theaters. This is great news for theater owners who are yearning for a hit.

Unfortunately, all those Swifties are bad news for other movies currently in production. Last week’s box office champion, Exorcist: Believer, there is going to be a very heavy fall. October 13 was its original release date. BelieverBut Blumhouse and Universal moved it up a week to remove it from Swift’s film. Believer It had a modest opening of $26.5 million, but you’ll be lucky to get half of that this weekend.

Will Taylor Smith: The Era’s Tour be available to stream at home?

Yes, finally. But as the producer of her own movie, Taylor Swift is the one who gets to decide when and where. Swift produced this film through her own production company, meaning she’s not beholden to any major studio or streamer. eras tour Will likely find a streaming home in late 2023 or early 2024 unless Swift decides otherwise. When it chooses to make it available on streaming sites, a bidding war is about to break out.

If you can’t wait that long, Netflix has Taylor Swift: Miss AmericanaA documentary about the singer which was released in 2020. But if you’re a hardcore Swiftie, you’ve probably seen it several times already.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Now running in theatres.

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